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About - Applying at the AFL

The AFL uses an online tool that enables us to receive applications quickly and accurately.

Understanding the Recruitment Process

Complete and submit your application online through the AFL online recruitment system. You will be required to attach your CV and for some positions complete application questions.

For most roles the AFL will conduct at least one interview. The purpose of the interview is to provide you more specific information about the job and company and to find out more about your relevant skills and experience. If you are shortlisted to attend an interview either the AFL HR department or the Hiring Manager will make contact with you. At the close of the interview you will be advised of the next steps in the selection process and when you can expect to hear back on the status of your application.

After a first interview you may be shortlisted to complete psychometric testing. Psychometric testing is used for some roles to assess information that we cannot accurately gain from other methods such as interviews. Psychometric assessments are standardized to place all candidates on an equal footing and only form one part of the information gathering process. Hiring decisions are based on all the information gathered during the recruitment process. If you are required to complete psychometric assessments you will be advised at the first interview and further instructions provided at the time of shortlisting to the psychometric assessment phase of the selection process.

The final stage of the AFL selection process is reference checks. You will be asked to provide the name and contact details for at least two recent referees that you have worked with that a member of the AFL can phone. The purpose of reference checks is to confirm your employment details and gain insight from a person who knows you well about your strengths, development opportunities and their opinion on your suitability for the role. In line with current legislation the referee must have your approval to provide a reference therefore it is important that you notify your elected referees that you have nominated them and to expect a call.

If you are the successful candidate you will receive a verbal offer followed by a letter of offer and all other commencement relevant paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply via fax or post?

We will accept applications by fax or post, however our preference is for all applications to come in via the AFL online system, this is the fastest and most efficient way.

How will I know you have received my application?

The online system will provide you with an automatic confirmation, if you are successful for an interview you will be personally contacted by the AFL, if you are unsuccessful you will receive notification by email.

What if I have trouble submitting my application?

If you have trouble submitting online please be patient and try again later or try on another internet connection. If you are still have problems please contact the AFL HR Department on 03 9643 1896.

How do I update my personal profile or resume?

You can update your personal details and resume by logging into your application via your username and password before the close date of the position.

Do you have any tips for when I am submitting my application

We receive a large number of applications each year, so it is important that you provide us with as much relevant information about yourself as you can in your application.

What if I apply and I am unsuccessful? Can I apply for other roles with the AFL?

Yes you can still apply for other roles within the AFL, however, you will need to re-apply for the specific role through the online recruitment system.

I submitted an application several weeks ago and have not heard

At the AFL we take the time to carefully review all applications and take the time to properly consider each application against the requirements of the role. This process can take time particularly if the role is still open and receiving applications. Applicants are able to track the status of their application online. The AFL HR Department will aim to contact applicants within 2 - 4 weeks of the role closing.