The dates you need to know

What's next? Take out your AFL calendar and mark these down

8:52am  Oct 28, 2016

As tough as they come

Tomorrow's heroes: Jarrod Berry isn't afraid to put his body in harm's way

6:48am  Oct 28, 2016

The 2017 fixture reaction: Every club

The pros and cons of every round, the club's verdict and our say

9:49pm  Oct 27, 2016

Prospective Licensee Information

Official AFL

Licensing applications for the 2017 season are now closed. The AFL will be welcoming applications for the 2018 season in January 2017.

If you wish to make a general licensing enquiry, please email or to download the generic AFL Prospective Licensee Application Form, click the link below.

Download the AFL Prospective Licensee Application form

Thank you and Kind Regards,
The AFL Licensing Team