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Sheedy blasts Hawks president

Kevin Sheedy has fired at missive at Hawks president Andrew Newbold - ${keywords}
Kevin Sheedy has fired at missive at Hawks president Andrew Newbold
HAWTHORN president Andrew Newbold is a "new bloke" who can't see past his own club's self interest.

That's the word from Greater Western Sydney coach Kevin Sheedy, who has penned a spirited open letter to the second-year Hawks leader on the Giants' website.

In it, the veteran coach hits back at Newbold's recent claims that GWS have "indigestion" from having so many draft picks, and that the cost of living allowance afforded to Sydney clubs is "outdated".

"Dear Mr Newbloke," Sheedy writes.

"This is Kevin from up on the Parramatta River. I don't think we have ever met.  I actually thought Jeff Kennett was still president of Hawthorn because I see him and hear him so much."

Among other taunts, the letter goes on to lambast Newbold for not seeing the AFL in terms of the bigger picture.

"Some clubs down in Melbourne have got fat on their own self-interest," Sheedy says.

"But then as Paul Keating liked to say, in the race of life always back self-interest – at least you know it's trying."

Sheedy points out that the Giants were subject to the same list building rules as Gold Coast, and that Hawthorn had a representative on the committee that devised those rules.

"What were we supposed to do? Pluck players from outer space?" he says.

"It seems you want us in the competition but not if we are eventually going to be successful.  

"Sometimes you actually have to look at what is best for the game as a whole and not just your club.

"In this respect, the AFL has got it absolutely right."

Sheedy finishes by inviting Newbold to visit him in Sydney.

"I'll shout you a ferry trip out on the Parramatta River and share a falafel with you," he writes.

"You can even wash it down with a chardonnay. That way you won't get indigestion."

Newbold made his comments a fortnight ago following a meeting of AFL presidents and CEOs to discuss the issue of equalisation.

"GWS have indigestion they have so many draft picks, and we think the cost of living allowance is an outdated policy, the logic of which if extended should mean Adelaide has a lower salary cap, and in Perth a higher one,'' Newbold said.

Read Sheedy's full letter here
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