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When and where are the 2015 NAB AFL Draft and Rookie Drafts?

Dates, times and venues as the draft returns to Adelaide

3:51pm  Aug 17, 2015

Phantom form guide

With the U18 Championships finished, Cal Twomey picks his top 20

10:01am  Jul 4, 2015

Vic Country dominates All Australian team

Eight young stars earn All Australian reward for an undefeated carnival

10:00am  Jul 4, 2015

Schache's stocks head north

Possible No.1 draft pick says it'd be 'pretty cool' to be drafted by the Lions

7:00am  Jun 25, 2015


Double act

Darcy Parish and Rhys Mathieson are inseparable - at least until the draft

9:01am Aug 27, 2015


How does Ken fix the Power?

What type of player should Port draft? Cal Twomey answers your questions

11:40am Aug 21, 2015


Former No.1 keeping it real for potential No.1

Former top pick mentoring this year's leading prospect Jacob Weitering

7:50am Aug 21, 2015


UPDATE: Phantom form guide

With the draft date locked in, Cal Twomey picks the 25 top prospects

9:31am Aug 20, 2015


When and where are the 2015 NAB AFL Draft and Rookie Drafts?

Dates, times and venues as the draft returns to Adelaide

3:51pm Aug 17, 2015


How have the top 10 fared?

Draft guru Cal Twomey looks at the performances of last year's top 10

4:30pm Aug 14, 2015


Who will be a draft bolter?

Who will surge up the rankings? Cal Twomey answers your questions

2:31pm Aug 14, 2015


Well and Weller: debut worth the wait

When Lachie Weller's AFL debut came, he was properly ready

9:00am Aug 14, 2015


Patience a virtue for young Giant Pickett

Giant Jarrod Pickett understands he won't just be gifted a senior berth

8:00am Aug 13, 2015


AFL closes draft bidding system loophole

AFL acts on possible loophole in draft bidding system

1:08pm Aug 12, 2015


Adelaide to host 2015 NAB AFL Draft

AFL confirms the 2015 NAB AFL Draft will be held in Adelaide

10:30am Aug 11, 2015


Trade future picks or get cream of crop?

Clubs may miss out on 2016's quality crop of young mids if they trade picks

10:30am Aug 9, 2015


Safety net added to draft future picks

League protects top picks of clubs using academy, father-son choices

10:01am Aug 8, 2015


Clubs get behind indigenous academies

Chance to develop game further greeted favourably by clubs

5:11pm Aug 6, 2015


How weak is the draft?

Is there a lack of depth or talent? Cal Twomey answers your questions

4:21pm Aug 5, 2015