Tomorrow's Heroes: Tim Taranto

6:00am  Oct 24, 2016

Does your club need a hero?

10:00am  Oct 22, 2016

Cloke's new look, Yaz back

4:30pm  Oct 21, 2016


Clark's career in doubt

Cats cut big man after he managed nine games in two seasons

9:53pm  Oct 24, 2016

Barlow's Docker days over, club hunt begins

Prolific ball winner searching for new club after confirming Freo departure

9:27pm  Oct 24, 2016

Mitchell coup cost Ballas becoming an Eagle

Salary cap restrictions cost Ballantyne becoming the second shock Eagle

8:57pm  Oct 24, 2016

Fans' MVP

How to play Fans' MVP

1. After each of your club’s games log in (or if it’s your first time – register.

2. Assign 3 votes to a player from your Club who you deem to be the best player for that game, 2 votes to the second best player and 1 vote to the third best. Just click on the little plus sign next to the player image.

3. At the end of the voting period (when your Club’s next game starts) all the votes are added up.

4. There are a maximum of 100 points per round that can be awarded to the entire team. Each player is then given a percentage of the total votes received to go towards their season tally (eg. if 1,200 votes were placed in Round 1 and Player A receives 600 then that is the equivalent of 50% of all votes for that round and he would receive 50 points towards his season tally. If the second best player received 200 votes from 1,200 then that is the equivalent of 16.7% and he will get 17 votes towards the season tally).

5. The same thing happens after each round and the player accumulates points.

6. At the end of the season the player who is at the top of the season leaderboard is crowned your club’s Fans’ Most Valuable Player.


2014 Fans' MVP Winners as voted by you

ADEL 1. Rory Sloane BL 1. Tom Rockliff CARL 1. Bryce Gibbs
2. Brodie Smith 2. Daniel Zorko 2. Marc Murphy
3. Patrick Dangerfield 3. Pearce Hanley 3. Kade Simpson
COLL 1. Scott Pendlebury ESS 1. Dyson Heppell FRE 1. Nathan Fyfe
2. Dayne Beams 2. David Zaharakis 2. Hayden Ballantyne
3. Steele Sidebottom 3. Jobe Watson 3. Matthew Pavlich
GEEL 1. Joel Selwood GCFC 1. Gary Ablett GWS 1. Adam Treloar
2. Steve Johnson 2. David Swallow 2. Will Hoskin-Elliott
3. Tom Hawkins 3. Dion Prestia 3. Callan Ward
HAW 1. Jordan Lewis MELB 1. Nathan Jones NMFC 1. Levi Greenwood
2. Luke Hodge 2. Bernie Vince 2. Brent Harvey
3. Sam Mitchell 3. Jeremy Howe 3. Ben Cunnington
PORT 1. Robbie Gray RICH 1. Dustin Martin STK 1. Nick Riewoldt
2. Travis Boak 2. Trent Cotchin 2. Lenny Hayes
3. Ollie Wines 3. Brandon Ellis 3. David Amitage
SYD 1. Josh Kennedy WCE 1. Matt Priddis WB 1. Jack McRae
2. Lance Franklin 2. Luke Shuey 2. Tom Liberatore
3. Daniel Hannebery 3. Josh Kennedy 3. Luke Dahlhaus


2013 Fans' MVP Winners as voted by you

ADEL 1. Patrick Dangerfield BL 1. Pearce Hanley CARL 1. Andrew Walker
2. Rory Sloane 2. Tom Rockliff 2. Marc Murphy
3. Richard Douglas 3. Matthew Leuenberger 3. Chris Judd
COLL 1. Dane Swan ESS 1. Jobe Watson FRE 1. Nathan Fyfe
2. Scott Pendlebury 2. David Zaharakis 2. Michael Walters
3. Steele Sidebottom 3. Jake Carlisle 3. Hayden Ballantyne
GEEL 1. Joel Selwood GCFC 1. Gary Ablett GWS 1. Toby Greene
2. Steve Johnson 2. Jaeger O'Meara 2. Will Hoskin-Elliott
3. Jimmy Bartel 3. Matt Shaw 3. Jeremy Cameron
HAW 1. Sam Mitchell MELB 1. Nathan Jones NMFC 1. Jack Ziebell
2. Luke Hodge 2. Dean Terlich 2. Daniel Wells
3. Jarryd Roughead 3. Jack Watts 3. Scott D. Thompson
PORT 1. Chad Wingard RICH 1. Trent Cotchin STK 1. Nick Riewoldt
2. Travis Boak 2. Dustin Martin 2. Jack Steven
3. Brad Ebert 3. Brett Deledio 3. Leigh Montagna
SYD 1. Daniel Hannebery WCE 1. Matt Priddis WB 1. Ryan Griffen
2. Kieren Jack 2. Josh Kennedy 2. Tom Liberatore
3. Jarrad McVeigh 3. Chris Masten 3. Luke Dahlhaus