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Edwards' AFL Life Membership

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Tyson Edwards qualifies for life membership this weekend against the Bulldogs by playing his 300th official game.

Little has been said about the veteran Crow's milestone and Edwards himself has not given the achievement much thought; such is the way for one of Adelaide’s most consistent players.

Since his debut in 1995, he has played 266 premiership matches, 30 pre-season matches, one state of origin match and two international rules matches.

While Edwards continues to be extremely focused on his football he is honoured to join such a proud list of names.

“The things I have thought of are the names that I’m now with in that group of 300 games total,” Edwards said.

“It’s something I’ll have a look at one day and some fantastic players have made it that far, that’s something to put my hat on.”

As a recognisable and memorable milestone Edwards values it highly and believes it is no easy feat to accomplish.

“I guess its right up there. It’s a big organisation (the AFL) and you have to be around for a fair while to get nominated for it so it’s something that rates pretty highly,” Edwards said.

Adelaide Coach Neil Craig is very proud of his senior player and said that the ability of players at the club to achieve such milestones is a credit to each individual.

“(Edwards) is an exceptional player and he’s still a young man, so he’s an exceptional young man too,” said Craig.

“The thing that stands out for me about the senior players at our footy club, who are coming to the end of their careers, and we’ve seen it with Hart who was a 300-game player, Ricciuto a 300-game player, Tyson Edwards is a 300-game player and hopefully Simon Goodwin will be the same type of thing - I mean its just unbelievable.”

“Very few clubs have senior players who play that amount of footy, so it’s a testament firstly to their talent, to be able to play that long, and their durability. You just can’t do that unless you have a durable body.”