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Vic Metro and SA victors at U16 championships

Stephen Coniglio's younger brother Jacob was among the best players for WA on Day One of the NAB AFL U16 Championships
VIC METRO and South Australia were the winners on Day One of the NAB AFL U16 Championships at Blacktown International Sportspark in Sydney on Saturday.

Metro trailed Western Australia by four points at the last change but a seven-goal last quarter helped secure their 22-point win.  

In the second match, Vic Country also came home with a wet sail but fell just three points short of South Australia.

There were plenty of familiar names prominent during the first two matches of the week-long carnival.

Luke McDonald, son of North Melbourne football manager Donald, was exceptional through the midfield for Vic Metro while Jacob Coniglio, brother of hot draft prospect Stephen, was outstanding for Western Australia.

In the second match, James Aish, nephew of Norwood great Michael, was best player for the Croweaters.

Most of the players on show this week will be eligible for the 2013 NAB AFL Draft.

Vic Metro                2.1  6.5  7.9  14.13 (97)
Western Australia   5.3  7.5  8.7  11.9 (75)

Vic Metro:
J.Billings 3, M.Hayes 2, A.Christensen 2, B.Lennon 2, J.Kennedy-Harris, M.Keedle, C.Salem, D.Erasmus, L.McDonald
Western Australia: J.Hogan 3, J.Coniglio 2, S.Garstone 2, P.Dawson, B.Acres, D.Loo, B.Abbott.

Vic Metro:
B.Lennon, L.McDonald, J.Kennedy-Harris, J.Soccio, W.Maginness, H.Armstrong-Weston
Western Australia: J.Martin, D.Sheed, J.Coniglio, S.Garstone, D.Loo

South Australia   4.4  7.7  12.9  13.13 (91)
Vic Country         1.3  6.6  7.7  13.10 (88)

South Australia:
L.Reynolds 2, C.Wilkie 2, J.Aish, L.Dunstan, A.Spina, D.Hourigan, M.Scharenberg, R.Dijksman, D.Wilson, W.Northeast, S.Wiech
Vic Country: J.Impey 3, S.Dixon 2, N.Bourke 2, J.Thomas, A.Carr, R.Norris, D.Gardiner, C.McCartney, J.Tsitas

South Australia:
J.Aish, C.Combe, L.Dunstan, T.Dumont, A.Spina, M.Scharenberg, W.Northeast, A.Neal-Bullen, L.Andruszkiewicz
Vic Country: A.Hickey, N.Bourke, N.Drummond, D.Gardiner, A.Moloney, J.Tsitas