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2012 trade wrap: what your club lost and gained

Sharrod Wellingham moved from the Pies to the Eagles early in Trade Period - ${keywords}
Sharrod Wellingham moved from the Pies to the Eagles early in Trade Period
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Angus Graham (Richmond), draft selection 54
Out: Michael Doughty (retired); Chris Knights (Richmond); Brad Symes, Will Young (delisted); draft selection 43
Damian Barrett's trade take: "Only way to describe [the Tippett saga] is a crisis."
Draft selections:
20, 54, 64, 83, 101, 119, 137
What they need: Adelaide's Gillette AFL Trade Period was thrown into chaos thanks to the Kurt Tippett saga and revalations the AFL blocked any deal for Tippett (to any club) during the Trade Period. With the investigation ongoing, there is sure to be plenty more news regarding the Crows and Kurt. The Crows will be on the lookout for outside midfielders in the upcoming NAB AFL Draft. With young inside mid Brad Crouch old enough to play in 2013 after spending the past season with West Adelaide, the side has significant ball-winning capabilities but could use a quick and skilful runner to add to its spread. The retirement of Michael Doughty opens the door for a small defender and as Ben Rutten's career winds down another key defender would also be on Adelaide's hit list.

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Brent Moloney (restricted free agent), Stefan Martin (Melbourne)
Josh Drummond (retired), Amon Buchanan (retired), Cheynee Stiller, James Hawksley, Sam Sheldon, Bryce Retzlaff, Brad Harvey (rookie), Josh Dyson (rookie), draft selections 53, 73
Damian Barrett's trade take:
"I like what the Lions did [by bringing in Stefan Martin and Brent Moloney]."
Draft selections: 8, 24, 33, 91, 109, 127
What they need:
The Lions were desperate to get an experienced tall forward/ruck and were able to snare Stefan Martin on the final day. With younger players Jordan Lisle and Aaron Cornelius still to develop, it's unlikely they'll now chase another 'big' at the draft. What they do need is greater midfield depth, so whether it's inside ball winners or outside runners, the Lions will be chasing more numbers to run through the centre.

Draft selection 71
Out: Jordan Russell (Collingwood); Bret Thornton, Rohan Kerr, Paul Bower (delisted); Nick Heyne (delisted rookie); Matthew Lodge (delisted NSW scholarship player); Blake Bray (delisted NSW scholarship player)
Damian Barrett's trade take: "Almost forgot [the Trade Period] was on. Didn't get involved and, as such, can only be rated pretty harshly."
Draft selections: 11, 36, 56, 71, 76, 94, 112
What they need: Carlton recruiter Shane Rogers is on the record with his belief that he needs to add more pace to the Blues' squad, but adding another key position prospect appears to be a more pressing need. Full-back Michael Jamison and key forward Jarrad Waite have both had injury issues in recent years and while the club likes younger talls like Levi Casboult, Luke Mitchell and Matthew Watson, it would be prudent to bring in more cover given the Blues' injury issues with their big guys in 2012.


Quinten Lynch (West Coast), Clinton Young (Hawthorn), Jordan Russell (Carlton), NAB AFL Draft selections 18, 21, 39
Out: Chris Dawes (Melbourne), Sharrod Wellingham (West Coast), Tom Young (Western Bulldogs); Paul Cribbin, Daniel Farmer, Shae McNamara, Lachlan Smith, Trent Stubbs (delisted rookies); draft selections 42, 48, 58
Damian Barrett's trade take:
"I liked what they did and I liked it a lot. They've still got those key picks … that's a beautiful array of selections for [Collingwood recruiting manager] Derek Hine."
Draft selections: 18, 19, 21, 39, 82
What they need: Having addressed needs for a forward/back up ruckman, a winger to replace Wellingham and an experienced defender, the Pies have covered a few bases by trading for players they believe will bring an immediate something to the line up. They were linked early on to Melbourne's Stef Martin and North Melbourne's Cam Pedersen, which is an indication they believe they need bolstering in the big man department although are yet to divulge whether Cameron Wood will be offered a new deal. A running defender and speedy midfielders are what they could look at in the draft.

Joe Daniher (father-son), Brendon Goddard (St Kilda), draft selection 52
Out: Angus Monfries (Port Adelaide), Mark McVeigh (retired), Anthony Long, Brendan Lee (delisted rookies)
Damian Barrett's trade take: "What I really liked was that they announced to the footy world within the first couple of hours of free agency starting, is that we've got the big name."
Draft selections: 10 (committed to Daniher), 35, 52, 55, 75, 93, 111, 129
What they need: Expect Essendon to go for a quality midfielder if there's one still available with pick 35, particularly given the club has already committed to star key forward Joe Daniher with pick 10. The Bombers might go for another one with their next pick, and might also be on the lookout for another key defender and ruckman later in the draft. The Bombers have a lot of bases covered, but if they can produce some more depth through the midfield and find a player or two ready to go for next year, they will be well set for the future.

Danyle Pearce (Port Adelaide), draft selection 37
Out: Greg Broughton (Gold Coast); Antoni Grover (retired); Jay van Berlo (delisted); Gavin Roberts, Jordan Wilson-King (delisted rookies); draft selection 60
Damian Barrett's trade take: "Ross Lyon doesn't get these things wrong. I reckon they had a good trade period, for as little work as they did."
Draft selections: 17, 37, 40, 80, 98
What they need: Fremantle will take three or four picks into the 2012 NAB AFL Draft, and one of those will surely need to be used on a key position player. After trying unsuccessfully to lure a power forward to the club through free agency or trade, Fremantle must now turn its attention to a young goalkicker, with none currently developing on the list. The club achieved its aim of securing a free agent (Danyle Pearce) and has not been linked to any other out-of-contract players.  

Josh Caddy (Gold Coast), Hamish McIntosh (North Melbourne), Jared Rivers (Melbourne)
Out: Simon Hogan, Matthew Scarlett, David Wojcinski (retired); Orren Stephenson, Tom Gillies (delisted); Shannon Byrnes (Melbourne); draft selections 36, 59, first-round compensation pick for losing Gary Ablett
Damian Barrett's trade take: "I'm ranking them pretty highly, simply because they went and got Josh Caddy."
Draft selections: 16, 79, 97
What they need: The Cats are likely to have only two live selections in the draft, as they have already committed one of their picks to elevating midfielder Jesse Stringer from their rookie list. Despite the arrival of McIntosh, the club could still do with a young ruckman, who could be given time to develop in the VFL while McIntosh and Trent West carry the rucking load in the AFL. Geelong has a plethora of small forwards, so another tall forward might also be on the agenda given James Podsiadly is reaching the end of his career.

Tom Murphy (Hawthorn), Greg Broughton (Fremantle), Jack Martin (GWS trade incentive selection), 2011 compensation selection end round one (R.Palmer), 2010 compensation selection round one (G.Ablett), draft selections 13, 57, 59, 60
Josh Caddy (Geelong), Tom Hickey (St Kilda), Josh Fraser (retired), Andrew McQualter (retired), Sam Iles, Lewis Moss, Piers Flanagan, Alik Magin, Hayden Jolly, Michael Coad (rookie), compensation selection end round one (J.Brennan), Draft picks no.2, 26, 47, 69
Damian Barrett's trade take:
"They didn't do a lot, but they're really happy to get Jack Martin."
Draft selections: 13, 57, 59, 60, 87, 105, 123
What they need:
With the loss of Caddy, the Suns are still on the hunt for more midfielders. They have solidified the back half with Murphy and Broughton and need no more youngsters up forward with Sam Day, Tom Lynch and Steven May all to work with. They'll be looking for a strong-bodied Caddy-like player to come in and complement the current young crop. Another good ball user coming out of the back half would also be on the radar.

Stephen Gilham (Hawthorn); draft selections 2, 3, 12, 14, 28, 65
James McDonald, Luke Power (retired); Steve Clifton, Tim Segrave (delisted); Jack Hombsch, Jake Neade (Port Adelaide); Jack Martin* (Gold Coast); Jesse Hogan*, Dominic Barry (Melbourne); Tom Lee** (St Kilda), Jed Anderson (Hawthorn); draft selections 20, 24, 29, 43, 68
Damian Barrett's trade take:
"[Because] other clubs would have loved to have what they worked with I've just taken a little bit of an edge off what they did."
Draft selections: 1, 2, 3, 12, 14, 28, 65, 69, 86, 104, 122
What they need:
The obvious weakness in the GWS line-up is a lack of experience, compounded by the retirements of Power and McDonald. But the Giants did well on the final day of trading, securing former Hawthorn premiership defender Stephen Gilham. Their main approach, however, remains planning for the future, generally happy to secure draft picks rather than chase established talent. Well stocked in the midfield and up forward, Gilham will help defensively and more than makes up for the loss of young defender Jack Hombsch to Port Adelaide. They could still do with another ruckman, but GWS has a clear strategy and will again have the pick of the country's best young talent, including five of the first 14 selections this year.
* denotes GWS 17-year-old list concession mini-draft
** denotes GWS pre-selection

Jed Anderson (GWS NT zone selection), Brian Lake (Western Bulldogs), Matt Spangher (Sydney Swans), draft selections 29, 68, 72
Chance Bateman, Cameron Bruce (retired); Jarrad Boumann (delisted); Stephen Gilham (Greater Western Sydney); Thomas Murphy (Gold Coast); Clinton Young (Collingwood); draft selections 22, 44, 65
Damian Barrett's trade take: "The Lake securing was the big one there and they didn't have to give up absolutely everything."
Draft selections: 28, 65, 66, 84, 102
What they need: Without high NAB AFL Draft picks, Hawthorn cleverly found a way to add elite young talent by trading Gilham for 18-year-old Greater Western Sydney-zoned midfielder Anderson. It wouldn't surprise to see the Hawks go for another onball prospect with their first pick in the draft, given several current midfield stars are at or nearing veteran status. With the premiership window open, they may also look to unearth another mature-age gem who could have an impact straight away, in the vein of recent selections Ben Stratton, Isaac Smith and Paul Puopolo.

Shannon Byrnes (Geelong), Jack Viney (father-son), Dominic Barry (GWS NT zone selection), Chris Dawes (Collingwood), David Rodan (Port Adelaide), Jesse Hogan (GWS trade incentive selection), draft selection 49
Out: Brad Green (retired); Kelvin Lawrence (delisted); Brent Moloney (Brisbane Lions); Jared Rivers (Geelong); draft selections 3, 14, 27 (committed to Viney), 48, 88
Damian Barrett's trade take: "I just don't get it. I use the word 'scattergun' to describe their approach."
Draft selections: 4, 27, 49, 53, 70, 73, 77, 88, 106, 124
What they need: The Demons clearly need midfield support so you would imagine it would be their first priority with pick No.4. They could do with another strong young defender to ensure they continue to develop depth in that area and need to find a player who can play on the opposition's best small forward.

Jordan Gysberts (Melbourne), draft selections 42, 48, 63
Hamish McIntosh (Geelong), Aaron Edwards (Richmond) Cameron Pedersen (Melbourne)
Damian Barrett's trade take:
"You have to mark them harshly, they had a good quality player like Ben Jacobs who said he wanted to join them and they couldn't get that deal done."
Draft selections:
15, 38, 42, 48, 58, 63, 78, 96, 114, 132
What they need:
North have a good group of inside midfielders headed by Andrew Swallow, Jack Ziebell and Ben Cunnington and need to target outside midfielders to support Daniel Wells. The Roos considered recruiting Brisbane Lion Josh Drummond as a free agent this year -before he failed a medical test and retired - and their backline could do with a player in the same mould as the penetrating left-footer. Hamish McIntosh's departure to Geelong means North could look to draft another ruckman to support Todd Goldstein, just as Matt Campbell's likely exit makes a small forward a possible target.

Angus Monfries (Essendon), Jack Hombsch (GWS), Jake Neade (GWS NT zone selection), Lewis Stevenson (West Coast), Campbell Heath (Sydney Swans), draft selections 30, 31, 85
Out: Troy Chaplin (Richmond), Danyle Pearce (Fremantle), David Rodan (Melbourne); Mitch Banner, Simon Phillips, Steven Salopek, Jacob Surjan (delisted); Mitch Curnow, Jarrad Irons, Daniel Webb, (delisted rookies); draft selections 52, 29, 72, 88
Damian Barrett's trade take: "They picked up some players but they're not big names."
Draft selections: 7, 30, 31, 85, 90, 108, 126.
What they need: While Hombsch's arrival at Alberton provides some cover for the loss of Chaplin in defence, a quality running defender is needed to counter the absence of Pearce. Further defensive options are also needed with the delisting of Surjan and the loss of Jacobs. Neade and Monfries add extra dimensions to the Power's forward line and could both also rotate through the midfield. With the club's ruck stocks running thin during the season, adding a solid tall to the mix could be a good move.

Troy Chaplin (Port Adelaide), Chris Knights (Adelaide), Aaron Edwards (North Melbourne), draft selection 43
Out: Angus Graham (Adelaide); Dean McDonald, Brad Miller, Kelvin Moore (retired); Andrew Browne, Jeromey Webberley, Dan Connors (delisted); Addam Maric, Piva Wright, Gibson Turner (delisted rookies); draft selection 50, 74
Damian Barrett's trade take: "Pretty much everything worked out the way they planned for it to."
Draft selections: 9, 32, 34, 43, 92, 110, 128
What they need: The Tigers wanted a third marking forward, hence their decision to grab North Melbourne's Aaron Edwards late in the trade period. Their decision to offload Graham and Browne means they're likely to pick up a young ruckman to bring on behind Maric, Vickery and Derickx. They could also do with a tough and skillful half-back, hence the links with 2012 Vic Metro captain Nick Vlastuin, who is expected to go around the mark of Richmond's first pick. Even with the recruitment of Chaplin, the ranks of tall defenders are thin. They're likely to draft young and attempt to develop a young monster.

Tom Hickey (Gold Coast), Tom Lee (Claremont), Trent Dennis-Lane (Sydney Swans), draft selections 25, 26, 41, 44
Out: Brendon Goddard (Essendon), Jamie Cripps (West Coast); Sam Crocker, Brett Peake, Dean Polo (delisted); Daniel Archer (delisted rookie); draft selections 12, 37, 57
Damian Barrett's trade take: "It's a disappointing trade period. It's disappointing because they couldn't get Mitch Brown."
Draft selections: 25, 26, 41, 44, 77, 95, 113, 131
What they need: The Saints have enough ruckmen and forwards for the immediate and the distant future so there is no need to add to that pile in the draft. West Coast's refusal to release Mitch Brown means the tall defensive stocks are still pretty thin and they will be looking to develop this area. Midfielders are also an area of concern for the club after Goddard's departure and they are likely to be targeted at the draft. It would seem that with Hickey, Dennis-Lane and Lee on board the Saints have addressed the need to recruit players in their early 20s and would most likely target teenagers.

Draft selections 47, 66, 72
Jarred Moore, Mark Seaby (delisted); Eugene Kruger, Jack Lynch, Dylan McNeil (delisted rookies); Campbell Heath (Port Adelaide), Matt Spangher (Hawthorn), Trent Dennis-Lane (St Kilda); draft selections 72, 85
Damian Barrett's trade take:
"Disappointing because they couldn't get the [Tippett] deal done."
Draft selections: 23, 45, 47, 66, 67, 103, 121, 139
What they need:
With the Kurt Tippett trade failing to eventuate, the Swans ended the trading period with eight players leaving the club and zero coming the other way. Heath, Spangher and Dennis-Lane were all traded on Friday, while the Swans marginally improved their drafting order. Entering 2012 it was felt the Swans lacked a little firepower up forward and some polish in the midfield. But there's nothing like a premiership to dispel those thoughts. Sam Reid is coming along gradually, with Lewis Jetta a surprise leading goal kicker last season, but they will have to wait if they are still to snare Tippett. With so many players cut from their roster, they will be aiming to unearth the best talent available with their draft selections, following in the footsteps of the players such as Alex Johnson (No.57) and Dan Hannebery (No.30). 

Sharrod Wellingham (Collingwood), Jamie Cripps (St Kilda), Cale Morton (Melbourne), draft selections 46 and 62
Quinten Lynch (Collingwood), Koby Stevens (Western Bulldogs), Lewis Stevenson (Port Adelaide), draft selections 18, 41
Damian Barrett's trade take:
"[The Wellingham trade] set the currency for what was to be the exchange of good players in this draft."
Draft selections: 46, 61, 62, 81, 99
What they need:
West Coast enters the NAB AFL Draft late in 2012, reflecting a list that is competing for a top four spot but remains young. The club traded its round one pick (No.18) for Sharrod Wellingham, and is expected to continue building its midfield at the draft, albeit with late picks. Deals were done on the final day of the Gillette AFL Trade Period to secure Cripps and Morton, which will add depth to the club's midfield following the unexpected retirement of Tom Swift and the loss of Stevens. The recruiting team will now be tasked with finding some diamonds in the rough.

Lachie Hunter (father-son), Koby Stevens (West Coast), draft selection 22
Out: Brian Lake (Hawthorn); Nathan Djerrkura, Lindsay Gilbee, Ryan Hargrave (retired); Tom Hill, Andrew Hooper, Brodie Moles, James Mulligan, Justin Sherman (delisted); draft selections 27, 44, 71
Damian Barrett's trade take: "I liked what they did by keeping picks 5 and 6 in the draft. But the players they brought in are unknown."
Draft selections: 5, 6 (GWS compensation for Callan Ward), 22, 50 (committed to Hunter), 51 (GWS compensation for Sam Reid), 89, 107 and 125
What they need: The Dogs boast three first-round picks at next month's draft, which they could use to address several areas: key defence, midfield pace and class, and another medium or tall forward prospect. The Dogs have endorsed usual back-up ruckman Jordan Roughead to become Lake's replacement at full-back. The possible return of veteran backman Dale Morris would help considerably, but another tall back is certainly on the agenda. Newcomers Stevens, Young and Hunter add further inside strength so priority must now be given to snaring outside polish.