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Positives behind drugs fall-out: Daff

A RETURN of "regulatory sanity" might be one positive for AFL football as it deals with the revelations of the past week according to the AFL Players' Association medical adviser Dr Andrew Daff.

Daff, who joined the AFLPA advisory board last year after more than two decades as the Melbourne club doctor, says that the push to find an edge may have led to a tendency in some quarters for people to sail close to the limits with regards to player health and the anti-doping code.

"I commend the AFL for the changes they are going to make and their regulatory standings and I think it just brings it into line and makes everyone accountable," Daff told 3AW's Sports Today.

Daff said two questions were relevant to club doctors: "Am I doing the player any harm with regards to their health? Am I doing them any risk in relation to contravening the anti-doping code?"

He said it was a positive step for clubs to re-evaluate their approach and for the innovation to happen within a well-defined framework.

"I would think that every club is reviewing their structures and strategies and their personnel in light of this," Daff said. "The good that comes out of that is we will have structures within clubs and personnel within clubs that have well defined goals and, although clubs will still be looking to do well that will be in a much more controlled fashion."

The views in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of the AFL or its clubs