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Mr Fantasy's take on trades

When the stars get injured in 2013 trade them out of your fantasy team, says Mr Fantasy - ${keywords}
When the stars get injured in 2013 trade them out of your fantasy team, says Mr Fantasy
Trigger happy Dream Teamers now premiership contenders
People who possess no patience are amongst the most irritating in the world. Some examples: those who try to finish your sentence and get it completely wrong, push pedestrian crossing buttons eight times (as if the seven taps preceding didn’t work), scoff down food knowing it’s still piping hot and check Facebook updates every two minutes in case something new and largely irrelevant pops up.
The only time impatience is humorous is in the world of AFL fantasy football. You know the edgy types I’m talking about. The ones who get out to a flying start – outscoring everybody with ease – before spluttering during finals, making an inglorious exit. The reason? They were trigger happy with their trades and left nothing in the bank when finals came around, praying their team went through injury free. As if.

I used to laugh at these Dream Teamers. They committed the same error every year. But now, a change that gives players two trades every week (44 for the year) - on a 'use them or lose them' basis – means they’ll never run out. Those once the laughing stock among fantasy circles are now legitimate premiership contenders.

What does this mean for the more patient types? It means we will have to adjust our thought process throughout the year to make sure these jack-in-the-boxes don’t run away with the glory. Below are three things to consider, making sure you take full advantage of the extra wiggle room available at the trade table.

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Injuries? No problem.
Having two trades available every single week means you’ll cop less doughnut jokes from your mates. Now, if a gun player is injured, you won’t feel the need to ride the bump by sitting the star on the bench while he mends, often meaning a zero in your starting line-up. I perservered with Hawthorn's Luke Hodge for way too long last season, but that won't happen in 2013. Unless a large wave of injuries occurs at once, you should be able to have 22 scorers every week.

Smother their smugness.
Don’t you hate it when a mate drones on after a massive score by one of his picks that isn’t in your team? Why not irritate the life out of them by trading in that exact player when you go head-to-head. If you think you have them covered in other areas of the park, it would be great to quell the influence of his star player by trading them in for the week, salary cap permitting of course. The advent of two trades available each and every week means you can have much more freedom in this area. Scared of what Dane Swan may score against Greater Western Sydney? Bring him in for the week, or longer!

Get in before the price rise
Want a quick way to make money? I’ve heard that sentence a few times. The new unlimited two trades a week deal gives you greater scope to bring in players on the cusp of a colossal price rise, meaning you’ll have more money to play with when the whips are cracking at season’s end, without the worry of running out of trades. Bliss.
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