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March 4, 2013 8:02 PM


Hard landing? Blue Simon White comes back to earth at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night

I think all grounds are pretty hard at this time of the year
CARLTON ruckman Robbie Warnock says he has no issues with the current condition of Etihad Stadium’s surface after playing at the ground on Saturday night.

The venue has again come under fire for being too hard during the NAB Cup, but Warnock said he hadn't noticed any problems.

"I think all grounds are pretty hard at this time of the year," Warnock said.

"I didn't have any issues with the surface, so to speak.

"I suppose once you're out there, you've got so much going through your mind, it's not really in the forefront of your mind. I didn't find any issues with it.

No fears at Etihad ahead of KISS Army ground attack

Warnock came on as a substitute during Carlton's 70-point win over Fremantle on Saturday night.

With the Blues yet to name their captain, Warnock said he expected the mantle to be handed to one of three players.

"There's obviously a number of great candidates," he said.

"It’s probably been narrowed down to Kade Simpson, Marc Murphy and Andy Carrazzo.

"Jarrad Waite and Nick Duigan are also chances.

"That’s up to Mick and the coaching staff. We've put our vote forward on the leadership group so it's their call from now on. Any of those guys will do a fantastic job for sure."