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Mr Fantasy has faith in Eagle forward

Josh Kennedy will score more than 100 AFL Fantasy points on Saturday, Mr Fantasy predicts - ${keywords}
Josh Kennedy will score more than 100 AFL Fantasy points on Saturday, Mr Fantasy predicts

There are some things in this world that continue to baffle, no matter how many times you hear them.

Driving home from work, I listened to a woman on the radio tell the story of her visit to the doctor after experiencing stomach pains, leaving three hours later with a new bouncing baby boy.  Apparently she had no idea she was pregnant.

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Being around an expecting woman in recent years, her radio confession mystified me. I've asked a few people since – mainly to make sure I'm not the ignorant black sheep on this subject – and they too can't understand how you could go nine months oblivious to the fact.

I was met with a stern look when I told my partner that mood swings alone would've been enough of a telltale sign. 

I ended the conversation there through fear, but she too found it puzzling. If our girl kicked any harder in the womb she would've rivalled Malcolm Blight's famous 90m bomb against the Blues in 1985.

I remain confused.

I had another mystifying moment when checking on the form of Eagles forward Josh Kennedy when playing against Melbourne, a team he faces this Saturday afternoon.

You'd think a player of his ability, coupled with the poor defensive record of the Demons in recent years would result in a Dream Team average of close to 100. The true figures are way off that mark.

Kennedy has managed scores of 63, 88 and 71 in his past three starts against Melbourne, which is below what I was expecting.

What is more vexing is his DT average of just 53 at the MCG - the venue this Saturday.

Considering the forward's recent form, and Melbourne's inability to contain large opposition scores, I'm tipping a big 100-plus game from Kennedy this week.

His price will soar next week after a very solid start to the season (his breakeven score is -37), tallying 99 and 97 to date despite his side's winless start to the season.   

Mr Fantasy's trade recommendations
Heath Scotland (Carl), Sam Dwyer (Coll), Josh Kennedy (West Coast)
Carlton welcomes back the run and carry of Scotland, who does score well against the Cats. Dwyer's price will rise even if he has just a fair game on Sunday, while Kennedy's price will skyrocket after this week.

Rhyce Shaw (Sydney), Bradd Dalziell (West Coast), Patrick Karnezis (Bris)
I doubt the Swans will rush Shaw back after an abdominal strain, so it may be best to trade him out. Dalziell and Karnezis have had starts to the season they would rather forget. It's time for them to go.

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