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Goodes 'doesn't care' for Dermott Brereton's thoughts

Longmire backs his man John Longmire reacts strongly to Dermott Brereton's comments regarding Adam Goodes
John Longmire has responded strongly to Dermott Brereton's criticism of Adam Goodes - ${keywords}
John Longmire has responded strongly to Dermott Brereton's criticism of Adam Goodes
DERMOTT Brereton may want to steer clear of the SCG for the time being after the Sydney Swans hit back strongly at the Hawthorn great's extraordinary attack on Adam Goodes.

Brereton launched an extended tirade against Goodes on Melbourne radio station SEN following the Swans' loss to the Hawks on Saturday night, saying the four-time All Australian and triple best and fairest leads with his feet, rather than putting his head over the ball.

He didn't stop there, stating Goodes gets a "good run" from the Match Review Panel after he was cleared of any wrongdoing in an incident with Hawthorn defender Josh Gibson.

Goodes and Gibson became entangled when the ball was in dispute near the boundary line, with the Panel ruling the Swans' games record-holder was going for the ball, rather than trying to kick the defender.

Brereton spends some time in the harbour city through his part-time role as a specialist coach with Greater Western Sydney, but he may want to avoid Moore Park after he hears Swans coach John Longmire's response.

"I actually find it quite strange sitting here having to defend Adam Goodes' reputation," Longmire said on Tuesday.

"He's won two Brownlow Medals, and as far as I know they award those to the best and fairest player.

"I think Adam Goodes' reputation stands alone.

"He wouldn’t have won two Brownlows if he wasn't a fair player and I think that's fairly obvious.

"I had a brief chat with Adam. Adam really doesn't care what Dermott Brereton thinks, and so he shouldn't."

Goodes has certainly had his run-ins with the Match Review Panel over his career, with Longmire stating bluntly "he's been suspended when he's done the wrong thing".

But Brereton stated his belief the Panel actually chooses not to suspend the Swans' superstar.

"There is an enormous amount of leniency here to Adam Goodes," Brereton said.

"They don't want to put him out ... he gets a good run."

The Swans coach felt that assertion was the most serious out of Brereton's rant.

"I find it interesting that the Match Review Panel's integrity has also been brought into question," Longmire said.

"I think that's inappropriate, and I'm sure they wouldn't be happy about having their integrity questioned either.

"The facts are he's been suspended when he's done the wrong thing and clearly the facts from the Match Review Panel (in the Gibson incident) say he's trying to kick the ball.

"They're the facts.

"To question the match review panel as openly as what Dermott's done, I think that really is the issue."

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