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Suns' new plan to keep their fans 'appy

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THE CLUB largely struggled on-field since entering the competition, but Gold Coast has always delivered for its fans, and has now announced another innovation for those attending Metricon Stadium this season.

As operators of their venue, the Suns have launched a Metricon Stadium app that will be live from round one and give fans at first basic information and ultimately more exclusive content. 

Gold Coast was voted the fans' favourite for match-day experience during its first two seasons, and CEO Andrew Travis says this is an extension to stay "ahead of the curve". 

"Over time, we're going to develop the app so it has compelling content for the fans," Travis said.

"For some fans it's about food and beverage offering direct to their seats, for other fans it might be about seat upgrades, basic news and information … and over time you'll develop other exclusive content fans might only be able to access at Metricon Stadium."

In conjunction with global information and communications technology company – and Suns' major partner – Huawei, the stadium is the only one in Queensland with high-density wi-fi.

Huawei has implemented similar projects at some of the biggest stadiums in the world, including the homes of European soccer giants Borussia Dortmund (Germany) and Ajax Amsterdam (Holland).

"This puts us, in our view, right to the top of the offerings in the Australian sporting landscape," Travis said.

"We've got the unique stadium-operating model where the club is the operator of Metricon Stadium, where we can deliver high-density wifi and a stadium-specific app, which the club can control the content management, and that's a unique situation in this country."