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Players will still be sweating over weekend for MRP results

AFL 2015 Rd 01 - Carlton v Richmond
Any rough stuff this Thursday will have players sweating over a long weekend
Gathering (all) material outside of standard working hours can be problematic at times
AFL spokesperson

RICHMOND and Carlton will not have the benefit of an early Match Review Panel sitting on Friday if players are cited in the season opener, with the AFL not yet prepared to bring the MRP process forward.

The League is planning a mid-season trial with Thursday night games, however, that would see the MRP sit the following day and deliver its verdict hours later.

Club football managers were part of a discussion at AFL House last Friday about the benefits of the NRL's bunker video system, which could be used this season to review incidents within 24 hours of each NRL match.

AFL clubs have long lobbied for a shorter turnaround on MRP results, particularly for Friday night games that are subject of heated debate across the weekend.

The process of waiting four days to receive MRP results after Thursday night games has particularly frustrated clubs as the timeslot becomes more prominent.

"Our intention at this time is to continue our processes with all games reviewed on Mondays," an AFL spokesperson said.  

"What we are exploring for mid-year on those four Thursday games between rounds 14-17 is reviewing those games on a Friday.

"Particularly on the basis for a team that would then be played the following Thursday, so they are not waiting to find out Monday afternoon the results of any potential suspensions." understands all 18 football managers were briefed on potential downstream benefits of implementing a centralised bunker for in-game decision reviews. 

But it was made clear the MRP process would not be brought forward this season because of logistical challenges.

"The MRP process requires us to gather all available vision of an incident, as well as medical reports, and gathering this material outside of standard working hours can be problematic at times," the AFL spokesperson said.