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Decision on AFLW expansion within weeks

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THE AFL Commission is yet to decide on when they will expand the AFL Women's competition, but an addition of two or more teams could still be a possibility for next season.

And former Macquarie Capital senior executive Robin Bishop has been announced as the League's new commissioner.

The AFLW's inaugural season included eight teams and was a raging success, but CEO Gillon McLachlan said on Friday that there were plenty of factors to research before the League could add to those original clubs.

The amount of available playing talent, financial cost, alignment with current AFL clubs, and the cultural issues those clubs will face are just some of the key details the commission will consider. 

McLachlan said the AFL executive has been asked to submit a proposal to the commission, with a final decision expected to be announced in the next couple of weeks.

"The commission's view is that they'd like to expand as quickly as possible, and there's a commitment to expansion, the question is whether it's 2018 or 2019," McLachlan said.

"One of the key issues is consolidating (the current competition), and having the new young talent coming in to add to the talent profile, and have the standard increase.

"The broad summary of the other side is having the momentum and the energy of two new clubs coming in, and the geographic spread, and that’s the two sides of the debate. 

"I think it's accepted that it will be more expensive (too), but this commission is absolutely committed to the AFLW, and investing in women's football." 

McLachlan said his long-term aspiration was to have a men and women's team at every AFL club, but said the league was in no rush to achieve that goal, which could take 10 years or more.