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Favourite finals moments countdown: No.11

Fans' top finals moments: no.11 Exclusive to the fans have voted for their top 30 favourite finals moments

WE ARE almost in the top 10 of our countdown to the greatest finals moment of all-time from the televised era, as voted for by the fans, with the winner to be unveiled on Grand Final day.

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Sydney superstar Lance Franklin has featured twice on the list of 30 already, both from his Hawthorn days, for the game-winning goal just before the siren against Adelaide in 2007, and for the mesmerising dribbler that almost helped the Hawks pull off a stunning upset against Collingwood in 2011.

Daniel Chick featured for his awesome smother that allowed Adam Hunter to seal the premiership for West Coast in 2006.

We came up with a preliminary list of 50 moments, then let you vote on which were your favourites.

Who will take out No.1? Will it be Wayne Harmes' controversial knock back into play late in the 1979 decider, helping Carlton overcome arch-rival Collingwood?

What about the most famous toe poke the game has seen, when Matthew Scarlett put the ball perfectly into Gary Ablett's path in 2009? 

Or will the Magpie Army rally behind Heath Shaw for his stunning chasedown to smother what seemed an almost certain Nick Riewoldt goal in the 2011 Grand Final replay? 

Check back in everyday to see the magic moments, leading up September 30, when No.1 will be released.

>> WATCH all the best finals moments here

We'll rank the moments according to your votes then, from September 1 until the Grand Final on September 30, we'll present the best finals moments from 30 to one.

The top 30 ... so far

No.30. The King reigns supreme, 1994 qualifying final

Wayne Carey's quintessential captain's goal from outside 50, while carrying a calf injury, forced the first overtime final in history (won by North).

No.29. Daicos's audacity, 1981 preliminary final

The Pies trailed late, when teenager Peter Daicos marked and handballed in front of himself before regaining possession and the lead.

No.28. Chick's heroic smother, 2006 Grand Final

Daniel Chick's multi-effort suite of team acts – tackle, smother, handball and shepherd – created the goal that won West Coast the flag.

Daniel Chick was supreme for the Eagles in the 2006 Grand Final. Picture: AFL Photos

No.27. The Long way home, 1993 Grand Final

In the '93 finals series Michael Long seemed untouchable, and this was best exemplified by his weaving, four-bounce run and goal.

No.26. Manassa's run, 1977 Grand Final replay

On a dark day for the Pies, Phil Manassa provided a rare highlight with a sensational goal after a four-bounce bolt.

No.25. When 'Browny' tackled 'Wally', 1999 preliminary final

Flag favourite Essendon was a point down inside the last minute when Fraser Brown ensured an upset by bringing down a rampaging Dean Wallis.

No.24. Buddy's dribbler, 2011 preliminary final

Hotly pursued by Chris Tarrant, Lance Franklin bounced one through from the pocket while at full tilt to steal a late lead.

No.23. Voss the boss, 2002 Grand Final

Lions skipper Michael Voss was crunched by Scott Burns but bounced up to dish off to Simon Black for an inspirational early goal.

No.22. Matera magic, 1992 Grand Final

Peter Matera bagged five goals from a wing, including a long bomb on the run from near the boundary.

No.21. Aker's cracker, 2002 Grand Final

Limited by a torn right groin, Jason Akermanis roved the pack and snapped the sealer over his shoulder with his left foot.

Akermanis the entertainer in the 2002 decider against the Pies. Picture: AFL Photos

No.20. Breen's behind, 1966 Grand Final

Teenager Barry Breen's hurried, bouncing kick sneaked in for the point that lifted St Kilda to its first – and only – premiership. 

No.19. "The monkey's off the back, Billy!", 1994 qualifying final

Bill Brownless became the 'king of Geelong' when he marked on a lead and, after the siren, kicked truly from 40m.

Billy Brownless fired the Cats into a preliminary final in 1994. Picture: AFL Photos

No.18. Malceski seals the deal, 2012 Grand Final

Nick Malceski slotted the first and last goals, and both were gems. The last came inside the final minute, icing the premiership.

No.17. Buddy's long bomb, 2007 elimination final

Franklin capped a best-afield effort with his matchwinning seventh goal, from outside 50 and with less than 20 seconds left.

>> Watch all the best finals moments here

No.16. Jetta turns on the jets, 2012 Grand Final

In a race that wouldn't have been out of place at the Olympics, Lewis Jetta burnt off Cyril Rioli with a four-bounce dash.

Swan Lewis Jetta leaves Hawthorn's Cyril Rioli in his wake. Picture: AFL Photos

No.15. Ablett's after-the-siren heroics, 1994 preliminary final

With just two seconds remaining in the preliminary final against North Melbourne, Gary Ablett snr marked in the goalsquare opposed to Mick Martyn and kicked the goal after the siren to send Geelong into the 1994 decider.

No.14. The Macedonian Marvel's miracle from the pocket, 1990 qualifying final

The Magpies are leading by just two points late in the final term. A brilliant bump from Darren Millane on John Worsfold sees the ball end up with Gavin Brown, who gets it back to Millane. He handballs to Peter Daicos, who from tight on the boundary line hits a reverse banana that sails through on the full.

No.13. Darren dazzles in the big one, 1997 Grand Final

With the Grand Final on the line, Darren Jarman lit up the big stage in the final quarter, kicking five goals and leading the Crows to their first ever premiership, shattering St Kilda's hopes of a second flag.

No.12. Crunched Brereton's gutsy goal, 1989 Grand Final

Hawthorn star Dermott Brereton was poleaxed at the opening bounce by marauding Cat Mark Yeates. He staggered down to the goalsquare, and minutes later took a brave contested mark and kicked a crucial goal as the Hawks went on their way to a memorable victory. 

No.11. Goddard's mark, 2010 Grand Final

The scores were level with seven minutes remaining when Brendon Goddard took a classic speccy and broke the deadlock with his set shot.

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