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'No evidence of any eye gouging': Jetta cleared

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AN AFL investigation into an AFLX incident between Melbourne's Neville Jetta and Hawthorn's Blake Hardwick has failed to find any evidence of "eye gouging" by the Demon defender. 

Jetta was involved in a tangle with Hardwick in the dying minutes of the Grand Final at Etihad Stadium on Friday night.

The Demon made contact with Hardwick's face but match review officer Michael Christian told he carefully inspected the incident but couldn't see enough reason to charge Jetta. 

Jetta's case was helped by a favourable report from Hawthorn's medical team. 

"I certainly looked at the vision very, very closely and in conjunction with the medical report and feedback from Hawthorn, there was no evidence to suggest that there were any marks on Hardwick's face," Christian said.  

"Certainly, no evidence of any eye gouging." 

Christian said a lack of force meant Jetta was not cited for the alternative charge of "unreasonable or unnecessary contact to the face". 

"Both players went to ground. A wrestle ensued. There was an element of vigour from Jetta but I didn't believe that any of his actions were forceful enough to constitute a reportable offence," Christian said. 

Jetta, 28, played every game last year and was nominated in the Virgin Australia All Australian squad last year for the first time.

He will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year but told last month he wanted to stay with Melbourne