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Franklin free to play, two fined for umpire contact

Buddy's elbow catches Docker high Joel Hamling leaves the ground after copping Franklin's elbow on the chin

SYDNEY superstar Lance Franklin has been given the all-clear by the Match Review Officer for an accidental elbow that concussed Fremantle Joel Hamling.

Melbourne veteran Bernie Vince was also cleared for his bump on Carlton's Dale Thomas early in Sunday's game at the MCG, however the recent spate of umpire contact continued with two players fined on three separate charges.

Franklin's clash with Hamling occurred in the second quarter of Saturday night's game at the SCG.

WATCH: Bud's elbow concusses Hamling

After gathering a ground ball, Franklin was tackled by Docker Ryan Nyhuis and then by Hamling. As he attempted to break Hamling's tackle, he collected the Docker with a swinging elbow to the chin.

Franklin escaped penalty with MRO Michael Christian saying he tried to evade the tackle and his actions while in possession of the ball were not unreasonable in the circumstances.

"Franklin had the ball under his left arm and as he tried to shrug and break the Hamling tackle (he) made high contact, but (I) didn't believe that he breached his duty of care," Christian said.

"When a player has possession of the ball his duty of care is perhaps not as high as if he was tackling or bumping, and (I) believed that in the circumstances he's entitled to try and break the tackle, which he did and was eventually able to get the handball off." 

Vince elected to run past the ball to bump Thomas midway through the first quarter of the Demons' 109-point victory, launching himself off the ground just before making impact with the Blues veteran's head.

WATCH: Vince's bump on Daisy

Christian said Vince's action had been careless but not of sufficient force to warrant a charge. 

"He elected to bump, but you must execute that bump fairly. He didn't, he jumped in the air and made contact to Thomas' head," Christian said.

"But there's also got to be an associated level of impact and Thomas was able to get up immediately, instantaneously, and contest the next football and then was able to play on without any problem."

Meanwhile, Greater Western Sydney midfielder Jacob Hopper has been hit with two separate fines of $1000 on two charges of making careless contact with umpire Simon Meredith, while Fremantle's Darcy Tucker was fined $1000 for making careless contact with umpire Brent Wallace.

These fines follow the one-match suspensions of Tom Hawkins and Ed Curnow over the past two rounds for intentional umpire contact, and the $1000 fines handed to Charlie Curnow and Steven May last week for careless umpire contact.

The MRO also issued fines to:

- Saint Jack Newnes ($2000) for tripping Collingwood's Flynn Appleby.

- Carlton's Lochie O'Brien ($2000) for rough conduct against Demon Bayley Fritsch.

- Lion Dayne Zorko ($2000) for misconduct against Hawthorn's James Sicily.

All the penalities have been accepted.