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'You'll struggle to get a game': Swan tells Bud

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Ben Ronke and Will Hayward celebrate against the Hawks - AFL,Sydney Swans,Will Hayward,Lance Franklin,Ben Ronke
Ben Ronke and Will Hayward celebrate against the Hawks
I think there's always a spot for 'Bud' obviously. But I think I heard Benny Ronke say, 'You'll struggle to get a game if I'm kicking seven every week'. It's good that he's back.
Will Hayward

SYDNEY'S inexperienced goalkickers have shown the Swans aren't a one-man show in recent weeks, but the team's young guns know the forward line still belongs to superstar Lance Franklin. 

Franklin missed rounds 6-8 with a bruised heel and in that time, the likes of Will Hayward and Ben Ronke helped the Swans to important wins over Geelong and Hawthorn on the road. 

Hayward said the absence of their No.1 target was an obvious blow for Sydney but it was out of their control, so the team's youngsters committed to concentrating on their tackling and pressure inside 50 until Franklin returned.

The results paid dividends with Hayward booting three goals for three straight games, while Ronke bobbed up for a staggering seven-goal effort against the Hawks.

Even with that sort of form, Hayward, who has a strong bond with Franklin, said he didn't think about aiming any banter in the direction of the four-time Coleman medallist.

"I think there's always a spot for 'Bud' obviously," he said with a laugh. 

"But I think I heard Benny Ronke say, 'You'll struggle to get a game if I'm kicking seven every week'.

"It's good that he's back." 

Franklin returned with three goals of his own in last week's win over Fremantle at the SCG, one of 11 Swans to hit the scoreboard on the night.

Hayward said playing under the leadership of Franklin and kicking goals alongside fellow goalsneak Tom Papley and the rest of the young Swans makes playing footy fun, especially when the team is winning. 

But he also reiterated that laying tackles and seeing his teammates rewarded for their hard work is equally satisfying. 

"That’s why we play because we love the game," he said. 

"There's no competition, whoever kicks the goals, kicks the goals. 

"The only thing we want is to win the game, it's all about playing selfless, team football for us. 

"Everyone has their day, Ben had his (against Hawthorn), 'Paps' had a good game last week, it's really all about getting the four points.

"Obviously with 'Bud' having the presence he has there was a bit of a hole there, so the forward line was just based around our pressure. 

"We just try and feed off that pressure and a lot of the time it rewards the boys with goals. 

"It's an exciting place to be when that’s happening.

"We've got some of the best leaders in the game and they really drive the standards, it gives you no choice but to buy in."