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Meredith Gibbs weighs into Crows camp fiasco

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Former Port Adelaide captain Domenic Cassisi - AFL,Adelaide Crows,Dom Cassisi
Former Port Adelaide captain Domenic Cassisi
The purpose behind the Crows' camp baffles me
Domenic Cassisi

MEREDITH Gibbs, the wife of late Adelaide coach Phil Walsh, has weighed into the fiasco surrounding the club's failed pre-season camp. 

Gibbs says her deceased husband would be "deeply upset" by what happened.  

Gibbs made the comment on a Facebook post from former Port Adelaide captain Domenic Cassisi, who played under Walsh when he was a senior assistant coach at Alberton Oval.

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Cassisi posted: "The purpose behind the Crows' camp baffles me.    

"Fair to say that they've shown to be the most resilient playing group over the past three years – especially on the back of losing their father figure and much-loved coach in such tragic circumstances.  

"Their own management have totally disrespected the resilience and close bond they forged after such a tough time."  

Cassisi was captain when Port Adelaide teammate John McCarthy died in a tragic indicient in Las Vegas in 2012.  

"The bond we forced at PAFC after losing J-Mac is hard to described but it a rare feeling of such closeness and care.  

Cassisi said Collective Mind was a scapegoat and asked who gave approval.  

He said: "This would never of [sic] happened under Walshy."  

Cassisi's powerful remarks prompted an equally powerful response from Gibbs, who singled out the offence caused to indigenous members of the Adelaide team on the pre-season camp.  

"Devastated and angry that those involved are ignorant of the culture of our First Nations people, it would make my husband Phil Walsh deeply upset," she wrote.  

Gibbs attended last year's Grand Final loss as a guest of the Crows.  

Cy Walsh was found not guilty by reason of mental incompetence for the July 2015 murder of his father.  

He remains detained in a psychiatric facility in South Australia.