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Mature Swans get the job done: Longmire

Ability to fight off ladder leaders in dying minutes gets coach smiling

12:24am  Aug 19, 2017

Resilient Crows ready for 'finals-type footy': Pyke

Despite loss to Swans the Adelaide coach saw plenty that he liked

11:59pm  Aug 18, 2017

That was un-Buddy-believable

TALKING POINTS: Swan does it again but Eddie can't take a trick

10:59pm  Aug 18, 2017

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Pyke on 50m penalty: 'That's life'

12:13am  Aug 19, 2017

Full post-match: Crows

11:55pm  Aug 18, 2017

Full post-match: Swans

11:53pm  Aug 18, 2017


Sunday, August 20, 2017


Blues 'headed in the right direction': Bolton

Carlton coach says drought-breaking win over Hawks is proof

12:10pm  Aug 20, 2017

Match preview: Melbourne v Brisbane Lions

The Demons can taste finals but the Lions are capable of an upset

11:00am  Aug 20, 2017

Sicily penalised as the 'retaliator': Clarkson

Hawks coach says undisciplined defender will learn his lesson

12:34am  Aug 20, 2017

Five talking points: R22

12:21am  Aug 20, 2017


Full post-match: Hawks

11:26pm  Aug 19, 2017

Full post-match: Blues

11:22pm  Aug 19, 2017

Bolton: We are 'two years in'

11:17pm  Aug 19, 2017

Full post-match: Suns

10:44pm  Aug 19, 2017

Full post-match: Bombers

10:43pm  Aug 19, 2017

Highlights: Carlton v Hawthorn

10:40pm  Aug 19, 2017

Highlights: Gold Coast v Essendon

10:31pm  Aug 19, 2017

Green helped off the ground

10:06pm  Aug 19, 2017

Skipper sees through Tippa

9:57pm  Aug 19, 2017

Parish with the smooth finish

9:56pm  Aug 19, 2017

Isaac's electrifying finish

9:45pm  Aug 19, 2017

Pickett pounces on hunted Hawk

9:41pm  Aug 19, 2017