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Commission meets

10:16am  Aug 26, 2013

James Hird hits back at AFL

4:51pm  Aug 21, 2013

Essendon Chairman slams AFL

4:47pm  Aug 21, 2013

Bombers ask for more time

6:27pm  Aug 20, 2013

Bombers expected to face commission

12:28pm  Aug 20, 2013

Supplement charges fallout

8:39pm  Aug 13, 2013

Key Bombers charged

7:38pm  Aug 13, 2013

Hird "shocked" at likely charges

8:36am  Aug 13, 2013

Essendon: A club in crisis

11:45am  Aug 12, 2013

Dons deserve finals: Hird

2:01pm  Aug 10, 2013

Footy world waits

11:56am  Aug 9, 2013

Hird remains defiant

9:21am  Aug 8, 2013

Dank denies drug allegation

1:53pm  Aug 7, 2013

Hird responds to rumours

5:29pm  Aug 6, 2013

I love my club: Hird

11:35am  Aug 3, 2013

Essendon supplement scandal

The ASADA inquiry into Essendon's supplements program last year has dominated the 2013 season. Club officials have fallen and there have been forceful denials from the Bombers. has followed the saga from its inception


Bombers haven't isolated Hird, says Thompson

James Hird will be busy upon his return, says Mark Thompson

10:20pm Jul 28, 2014


Bombers keep silence after board meeting

Essendon has board meeting but is keeping quiet on plans for James Hird

9:43pm Jul 24, 2014


AFL's 'unequivocal support' for Dr Harcourt

'Unequivocal support' for Dr Peter Harcourt despite recent comments

5:09pm Jul 8, 2014


Thompson denies report he won't pay fine

Dons coach says he hasn't told AFL he doesn't intend to pay up

12:23am Jul 6, 2014


Supplements have no health risks: Bomber

Coach says players won't face health risks over supplements program

2:12pm Jul 4, 2014


Players won't join Federal Court proceedings

Players with show-cause notices are not joining Dons/Hird's legal action

10:38am Jul 4, 2014


Little hits out at Harcourt over comments

Dons chairman not happy with Dr Peter Harcourt's comments

5:20pm Jul 3, 2014


YouTube twist: AFL tested players in 2012

YouTube twist reveals players were tested before scandal broke

10:35pm Jul 2, 2014


Anonymity for Dons players a must: lawyer

Lawyer says players would 'suffer irreparable' harm if named in ASADA case

2:30pm Jul 2, 2014


Hird details his claims against ASADA

Dons denied their rights against self-incrimination, James Hird alleges

9:21pm Jul 1, 2014


Dons' bid to delay ASADA investigation fails

UPDATE: Dons' bid to put investigation on hold rejected by judge

4:32pm Jun 27, 2014


Show-cause notice deadline extended again

ASADA grants a second extension to players needing to respond to show-cause notices

7:24am Jun 27, 2014


Essendon-ASADA trial is likely for August

The trial between Essendon and ASADA is likely to happen in August

6:33pm Jun 25, 2014

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Lawyers tweeting frustrates ASADA

Dons file injunction to immediately halt ASADA’s investigation

5:37pm Jun 23, 2014


WorkCover goes ahead with AFL club probe

UPDATED: WorkCover continuing investigation into nine clubs

6:08pm Jun 20, 2014


No deal with ASADA, McLachlan insists

UPDATE: Chief denies deal was done so players would avoid sanction

1:53pm Jun 20, 2014


Giants lose two stars for Carlton clash

Giants lose two key players for clash with Carlton on Sunday

1:34pm Jun 20, 2014


ASADA offer 'insulting', says Goddard

Brendon Goddard slams ASADA chief for offering Dons plea bargain

9:57pm Jun 19, 2014

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ASADA grants extension on show-causes

Anti-doping body gives 34 show-cause players more time to respond

2:45pm Jun 19, 2014


ASADA investigation no distraction for Monfries

Former Bomber isn't distracted by ASADA's investigation

2:11pm Jun 19, 2014


ASADA players seek show-cause extension

UPDATE: ASADA willing to consider more time on show-cause notices

11:11am Jun 18, 2014

Essendon logo.jpg

Essendon lawyers hope to fast-track case

Lawyers representing Essendon hope the Federal Court will hear their case 'as soon as possible'

10:54pm Jun 17, 2014


Bomber 'not sure' if players will admit guilt

ASADA's investigation into Essendon may continue into 2015, AFL says

9:45pm Jun 16, 2014


Dons won't cut deals with ASADA: Little

Dons won't take reduced sentences, says chairman Paul Little

8:06pm Jun 15, 2014


Dons asked ASADA to hold off on notices

Bomber chief blasts anti-doping body for 'intimidating' players via media

3:45pm Jun 15, 2014


Emotional Thompson backs Dons' legal fight

Mark Thompson and Bombers' fans united in support of legal action

12:22pm Jun 14, 2014


Dons and Hird launch ASADA court challenge

UPDATE: Hird, Dons launch Federal Court action against ASADA probe

8:37pm Jun 13, 2014


Players relieved by Dons' decision to fight

Dons chairman says players can now focus on playing football

6:50pm Jun 13, 2014


Players' ASADA penalties could be reduced

Players who co-operate could have penalties slashed, says ASADA

7:59am Jun 13, 2014


ASADA hits Bombers

ASADA set to serve show-cause notices to Dons players

9:45pm Jun 12, 2014