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Commission meets

10:16am  Aug 26, 2013

James Hird hits back at AFL

4:51pm  Aug 21, 2013

Essendon Chairman slams AFL

4:47pm  Aug 21, 2013

Bombers ask for more time

6:27pm  Aug 20, 2013

Bombers expected to face commission

12:28pm  Aug 20, 2013

Supplement charges fallout

8:39pm  Aug 13, 2013

Key Bombers charged

7:38pm  Aug 13, 2013

Hird "shocked" at likely charges

8:36am  Aug 13, 2013

Essendon: A club in crisis

11:45am  Aug 12, 2013

Dons deserve finals: Hird

2:01pm  Aug 10, 2013

Footy world waits

11:56am  Aug 9, 2013

Hird remains defiant

9:21am  Aug 8, 2013

Dank denies drug allegation

1:53pm  Aug 7, 2013

Hird responds to rumours

5:29pm  Aug 6, 2013

I love my club: Hird

11:35am  Aug 3, 2013

Essendon supplement scandal

The ASADA inquiry into Essendon's supplements program in 2012 became one of the sport's longest running sagas. has followed the story from its inception.


ASADA set to deliver amended notices

ASADA says it is ready to deliver 'comprehensive' show-cause notices

3:17pm Oct 13, 2014


James Hird's Federal Court appeal date set

James Hird's Federal Court appeal to be heard in early November

1:52pm Oct 9, 2014


Hird remains Essendon coach, for now

Dons coach still in the job but board will monitor developments

4:37pm Oct 6, 2014


'Weapon', Bombers settle out of court

Former fitness boss Dean Robinson settles his case against Essendon

8:23pm Oct 2, 2014


'Nothing to announce': Dons wait on Hird

UPDATE: Chairman says Dons won't move on James Hird this week

1:45pm Oct 2, 2014


Statement from James Hird

Statement from James Hird on his decision to appeal the Federal Court's decision to throw out his case against ASADA

10:37am Oct 2, 2014


Hird's future shaky as he gets set to appeal

James Hird's future shaky, with the coach set for more court action

5:52pm Oct 1, 2014


ASADA show-cause notices still on hold

ASADA will wait to see if Essendon appeals before issuing new notices

6:27pm Sep 24, 2014


Dons players won't do deal with ASADA

Essendon players still not considering a plea deal with ASADA

6:04pm Sep 22, 2014


Judgement day for Essendon-ASADA

Decision on Essendon-ASADA case set to be handed down on Friday

8:30am Sep 19, 2014


Judgement day for Dons set for Friday

Federal Court Justice John Middleton to deliver judgement on Friday

10:32am Sep 15, 2014


Only three coaches at Hird's AFLCA meeting

Only three other coaches turn up to special meeting for James Hird

10:11pm Sep 11, 2014


Hird focuses on 2015, wants Bomber to stay

Suspended coach returns to work and says he is looking at next season

9:00pm Aug 25, 2014


No 'Cronulla' deal for Dons, says ASADA boss

No deals for Essendon players until court case is finished, says ASADA boss

4:48pm Aug 24, 2014


No new deal for the Dons, says McLachlan

UPDATE: McLachlan, ASADA reject claims players offered new bans

12:01pm Aug 22, 2014


Bomber unsure of his players' mindset

Players' mindset unclear ahead of must-win clash against Eagles

12:11pm Aug 15, 2014


ASADA threatened court action against AFL

Documents reveal relationship between ASADA and AFL broke down

6:20pm Aug 14, 2014


ASADA can reissue doping allegations

Trial outcome won't stop ASADA from reissuing allegations against Essendon

7:30pm Aug 13, 2014


Little, Hird deny rift as hearing winds up

Essendon denies a rift exists over the handling of the supplements scandal

6:28pm Aug 13, 2014


Dons say ASADA probe 'mocked doping laws'

Essendon claims the investigation made a mockery of anti-doping laws

6:00pm Aug 13, 2014


Chat recap from the Federal Court: Dons v ASADA

Nick Bowen had all the news from day three of the trial

4:59pm Aug 13, 2014


Corners weren't cut, says former ASADA boss

Government pressure didn't influence Dons probe, says former boss

6:19pm Aug 12, 2014


Live from the Federal Court: Dons v ASADA

Join Nick Bowen for day two of Essendon's case against ASADA

1:57pm Aug 12, 2014


Hird says he disagreed with Dons' ASADA call

Banned coach disagreed with Dons' decision to self-report to ASADA

6:39pm Aug 11, 2014


Essendon v ASADA in the Federal Court: day one as it happened

Recap's coverage of day one of Essendon's case against ASADA in the Federal Court

5:32pm Aug 11, 2014


Dons' court challenge to ASADA set to begin

Follow the next chapter as footy's longest saga hits the Federal Court

8:37pm Aug 10, 2014


Essendon, ASADA court documents go public

SUPPLEMENTS SAGA: Essendon and ASADA cases open to public

5:35pm Aug 8, 2014


ASADA chief to miss Federal Court trial

ASADA chief Ben McDevitt to follow proceedings from Canberra, not court

7:30pm Aug 7, 2014


Bombers haven't isolated Hird, says Thompson

James Hird will be busy upon his return, says Mark Thompson

10:20pm Jul 28, 2014


Bombers keep silence after board meeting

Essendon has board meeting but is keeping quiet on plans for James Hird

9:43pm Jul 24, 2014