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Spirit of Anzac hits the fields of France

Anzac Day will see the 10th Anzac Cup matches in northern France

7:20am  Apr 25, 2018

'Razor' sharp as he readies for 300th game

Colourful umpire Ray Chamberlain hits a major Anzac Day milestone

7:00am  Apr 25, 2018

Tough love: The lasting legacy of Fred Keays

Magpies and Lions speedster is part of football and wartime folklore

7:00am  Apr 25, 2018

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Goodwin: 'A step forward'

11:26pm  Apr 24, 2018

Full post-match: Demons

11:25pm  Apr 24, 2018

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Goddard's emotions spill over on dirty day

TALKING POINTS: Zacka, Joe in heated exchanges with veteran

6:23pm Apr 25, 2018


Frustrating Demons keep fans in football hell

Is Melbourne any closer to breaking its finals drought?

10:51pm Apr 24, 2018


It's Miller time: Touk the match-winner

TALKING POINTS: Sun a deserving choice for best on ground

7:55pm Apr 22, 2018


Tom facing scrutiny, Roos' double KO

TALKING POINTS: Mitch's Brownlow worry after stray elbow

6:22pm Apr 22, 2018


Son-Son shines for a fallen mate

TALKING POINTS: Small forward dazzles but Fyfe reigns supreme

11:24pm Apr 21, 2018


Harry hits a high note for Blues fans

TALKING POINTS: Big forward fires but Eagles find winning MCG form

7:20pm Apr 21, 2018


Hey Jezza, who throws a shoe? Honestly!

TALKING POINTS: Star Giant might have some explaining to do

5:14pm Apr 21, 2018


Tex-book response from under-fire skipper

TALKING POINTS: Crows captain delivers under the spotlight

10:57pm Apr 20, 2018


Abra-cat-abra: Menzel's magic show

TALKING POINTS: Livewire Cat makes Saints' hopes disappear

7:41pm Apr 15, 2018


Hawk mids set up with Tom tagged

TALKING POINTS: Mitchell nullified, but injuries mount

6:15pm Apr 15, 2018


Switched-on Dons have the ball on a string

TALKING POINTS: Bombers' brutal response to week of criticism

3:50pm Apr 15, 2018


Carlton takes an unwanted new record

TALKING POINTS: Blues' bad omens, Brown eyes Coleman medal

11:31pm Apr 14, 2018


Gold Coast punished with 10 days in hell

TALKING POINTS: WA excursion sends Gold Coast's season south

10:50pm Apr 14, 2018


Swans get home aboard the Florent Express

TALKING POINTS: Young forward not scared of growling Dogs

7:37pm Apr 14, 2018


Listless Lions hit a new low against Tigers

TALKING POINTS: Brisbane manages lowest-ever score

5:30pm Apr 14, 2018


Giant battles the tag as stars return

TALKING POINTS: Whitfield's run-with woes, as veteran returns

4:15pm Apr 14, 2018


Pies drought ends in wet with 'Stevo' flood

TALKING POINTS: Fourth-gamer's big bag gets rare win for Magpies

10:59pm Apr 13, 2018


Joe's brain fade, Stringer's mixed bag

TALKING POINTS: Gun Don blows any chance of victory

5:50pm Apr 8, 2018


Review farce, Rance in strife?

TALKING POINTS: Confusion at the 'G, star's late hit

4:08pm Apr 8, 2018


Is Buddy the wind beneath Swans' wings?

TALKING POINTS: Sydney right in flag hunt as Franklin does it again

10:46pm Apr 7, 2018