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Post-match: Lions

11:32pm  Apr 17, 2014


Reinventing Buddy

How Franklin has evolved and why the Swans need him to evolve again

8:06am  Apr 18, 2014

Brown stands up, but where's his help?

Milestone man found little support in a stellar performance in game 250

11:59pm  Apr 17, 2014

Talking points: Jumper names' small issue

TALKING POINTS: Jonathan Brown winds back the clock

11:04pm  Apr 17, 2014

The Inquirer

Featuring detailed infographics and the latest Champion Data numbers, Mark Macgugan unpicks the seams of football to reveal the statistical trends the coaches really see


Night movers and shakers

Who does the best work after dark? The Inquirer finds out

6:30am Apr 11, 2014


Getting the score on the board

What sets some teams apart in the way they put a score on the board?

11:22am Apr 4, 2014


One quarter at a time

Does winning the "premiership quarter" mean winning the game?

6:22am Mar 28, 2014


Is a round one loss a KO blow?

We crunch the numbers to find out what it means to lose your first game

6:22am Mar 21, 2014


The Inquirer: Hungry for footy?

Get your footy fix when the NAB Challenge series kicks off on Wednesday

3:00pm Feb 9, 2014


The Inquirer: why the Lions have the toughest draw

The Inquirer pulls apart the 2014 AFL fixture

9:59am Nov 1, 2013


The Inquirer: Combine edition

We compare draft combine records with world-class times 

4:17pm Oct 2, 2013


The Inquirer: the big game

Can a good ruckman change the course of a Grand Final? The Inquirer puts the theory to the test

11:18am Sep 27, 2013

1_07StCa13LC 234aaa.jpg

The Inquirer: Quarterly review

We break down each quarter and find out when the top six teams hit the switch

6:38am Sep 13, 2013


A whole new ball game?

The Inquirer investigates whether finals really do work differently

3:07pm Sep 6, 2013


September sizzlers and fizzers

Find out who fires and who flops when the finals heat kicks in

9:10pm Sep 1, 2013


Show stoppers

They are often maligned, but a crucial part of the team: the tagger. The Inquirer investigates who does it best

3:28pm Aug 23, 2013


Handmade football

THE INQUIRER: Givers, goers and the teams that don't use it. The Inquirer investigates the handball

12:05pm Aug 16, 2013


Peer-group pressure

THE INQUIRER: Forward pressure is often a great barometer for a club. We identify the goal-kickers who can lock the ball in

1:00pm Aug 9, 2013


The laws of defence

THE INQUIRER: We look at some key criteria for the selectors to ponder when considering their All Australian backline

1:08pm Aug 2, 2013


The confidence index

THE INQUIRER: How much does a player's first shot for goal affect their confidence?

2:35pm Jul 26, 2013


Tap guns

THE INQUIRER: Which ruckmen give their mids first use of the ball?

6:41am Jul 19, 2013


The metre men

THE INQUIRER: Who's the best at your club for metres gained by running and kicking?

2:51pm Jul 12, 2013


Does a coach swap mean a form drop?

We investigate how teams go when there is an in-season coaching change

6:16pm Jul 5, 2013


The fast starters

THE INQUIRER: First to 100 wins, right? We crunch the numbers to see if this theory holds true

1:10pm Jun 21, 2013