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Tiger cops four weeks

7:16pm  Jul 29, 2014

Cloke missed out, say umps

1:52pm  Jul 29, 2014


Smith done for season

Ruckman's injury-plagued campaign cut short with ankle injury

8:25pm  Jul 30, 2014

'You can't switch mid-year'

Drew Petrie dismisses idea of players signing with rival clubs mid-season

7:25pm  Jul 30, 2014

Carlton's Simon White facing assault charge

Carlton's Simon White charged by police for alleged assault

6:23pm  Jul 30, 2014

The Inquirer

Featuring detailed infographics and the latest Champion Data numbers, Peter Di Sisto unpicks the seams of football to reveal the statistical trends the coaches really see


The good, the bad, the ugly

Why is your team up and down? The numbers reveal all

10:45am Jul 25, 2014


Playing the man

Think you're seeing more tackles this year? Well, guess what ...

6:48am Jul 18, 2014


When friends turn foe

We find the players who step up - and down - against their old clubs

12:48pm Jul 11, 2014


The masters of the kick-in

The best in the business, how each team moves the ball and where it goes

6:45am Jul 4, 2014


The Inquirer: The straight shooters

So who are your club's dead-eye dicks? The Inquirer finds out

11:44am Jun 27, 2014


The Inquirer: The flying game

Does a flight one week affect a team the following week? The Inquirer investigates

12:45pm Jun 20, 2014


The best mid-point team

The numbers are in and we have Champion Data's best mid-point team

7:00am Jun 13, 2014


The nothing men

We look at 'good ordinary' types playing key roles for your team

11:55am Jun 6, 2014


On the margin

The Inquirer investigates 'the blowout' and finds the most common winning margin

11:16am May 30, 2014


On full rotation

The most rotated players and the clubs that push the interchange cap

11:52am May 23, 2014


The yardsticks

Ball movers and metres gained: the teams and players who do it best

6:45am May 16, 2014


The Inquirer: Are ruckmen that valuable?

In the wake of Leigh Matthews' critique of Aaron Sandilands, The Inquirer looks at the value of ruckmen

12:48pm May 9, 2014


Who can make it, who can't

Is it already too late for your team to play finals? The Inquirer finds out

8:05am Apr 25, 2014


Anzac Day by the numbers

Check out all the facts and figures about this historic event

4:42pm Apr 24, 2014


Helping hands

Why are the Hawks and Cats so good? The Inquirer finds out

7:47pm Apr 18, 2014


Night movers and shakers

Who does the best work after dark? The Inquirer finds out

6:30am Apr 11, 2014


Getting the score on the board

What sets some teams apart in the way they put a score on the board?

11:22am Apr 4, 2014


One quarter at a time

Does winning the "premiership quarter" mean winning the game?

6:22am Mar 28, 2014


Is a round one loss a KO blow?

We crunch the numbers to find out what it means to lose your first game

6:22am Mar 21, 2014


The Inquirer: Hungry for footy?

Get your footy fix when the NAB Challenge series kicks off on Wednesday

3:00pm Feb 9, 2014