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Hogan hunts down an early goal

2:30pm  Aug 1, 2015

Walker flies high

2:20pm  Aug 1, 2015

Stevie J goals in 16 seconds

2:07pm  Aug 1, 2015


Draw against Eagles feels like a win: Eade

Last-minute draw gives Suns a rare boost that's been missing this year

11:58pm  Aug 1, 2015

A Lynch clinch as Eagles flinch

TALKING POINTS: Eagles' present and Suns' future put on a beauty

10:30pm  Aug 1, 2015

Lynch and Suns stun Eagles at last gasp

Tom Lynch mark and goal in dying seconds sees first draw of season

9:57pm  Aug 1, 2015

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Drop-offs and turnarounds

We find out where your team has fallen away and picked up

7:05am Jul 31, 2015


Boomer by the numbers

Brent Harvey becomes the fourth player to join the exclusive 400 club

7:01am Jul 24, 2015


Hard facts, quirky outcomes

With two-thirds of the season gone, we look at all the numbers

7:01am Jul 17, 2015


The missing link

We look at the players who your club can least afford to play without

7:01am Jul 10, 2015


The Inquirer: Scoring sources

Where do the goals come from? All the key trends after 12 rounds

7:01am Jun 26, 2015


Make or break

Does a bye mean goodbye? How do teams perform after a week off

7:01am Jun 19, 2015


The team killer

Easy prey for some, momentum killer for others. We look at the turnover

7:10am Jun 12, 2015


Beware the run-on

Can you relax when your team builds an early lead? Find out

6:22am Jun 5, 2015


Fletch hits 400

The numbers behind the remarkable career of Dustin Fletcher

10:00pm May 30, 2015


Make room for Fletch

The numbers behind the remarkable career of Dons veteran Dustin Fletcher

6:47am May 29, 2015


The Inquirer: Numbers can lie

Stats are critical, but be careful when using them to assess players' values

6:57am May 22, 2015


The inside job

Does inside-50 dominance still have a bearing on matches?

11:00am May 15, 2015


All about the contest

Contested marks are on the rise and a future star is leading the comp

6:48am May 8, 2015


Mick's road to the record

All the key numbers from Mick Malthouse's time in the game

8:35am May 1, 2015


What's in a name

From Wally to Clay, we look at the evolution of the name

8:57pm Apr 23, 2015


Inquirer: Age is relative

Could a player's birth month influence how good he can be?

8:40pm Apr 16, 2015


Inquirer: The total game

Crows and Hawks seek total buy-in - and it shows on the stats sheets

7:15am Apr 10, 2015


Inquirer: First among equals

See how your list is shaping up compared to recent premiership teams

10:22am Apr 2, 2015


The story of pick 21

The Inquirer looks at the incredible journey of draft pick No.21

10:04pm Oct 17, 2014


The Grand Final edition

We compare the teams and use the numbers to find you a winner

11:15am Sep 26, 2014