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Inside the inner sanctum

4:35pm  Jul 24, 2014


'They're tall but what else?'

AFL great questions why so many 'super-tall' battlers are playing

8:10am  Jul 25, 2014

Footy's multicultural flavours

AFL ambassadors speak of what their culture and football means to them

7:24am  Jul 25, 2014

AFL one step closer to 'smart' footballs

Research into how a computer chip affects a football has been completed

10:00pm  Jul 24, 2014

Injury update

AFL injury update

Keep up to date on your club's sidelined players with the game's most comprehensive injury list. Check back for all the latest updates plus return dates for suspended players.

Player Injury Estimated Return
Charlie Cameron Groin Test
Lewis Johnston Hand 5 weeks
Sam Kerridge Foot Test
David Mackay Hamstring Test
Jared Petrenko Leg Test
Scott Thompson Hamstring Test
Nathan van Berlo* Achilles 5-6 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
 Brisbane Lions
Player Injury Estimated Return
Tom Cutler Groin 1 week
Matthew Leuenberger Achilles Test
Luke McGuane Knee Season
Brent Moloney Achilles TBC
Jack Redden Ankle Season
Daniel Rich* Knee Season
Brent Staker Foot Season
Patrick Wearden Quad 3 weeks
Trent West Knee Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
Player Injury Estimated Return
Dylan Buckley Hamstring 3-4 weeks
Jaryd Cachia Shoulder TBC
Andrew Carrazzo Quad Test
Andrejs Everitt Knee 4 weeks
Cameron Giles* Foot Season
Matthew Kreuzer* Foot 2 weeks
Troy Menzel Knee Test
Mitch Robinson Suspended Round 21
Andrew Walker Knee Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
Player Injury Estimated Return
Nathan Brown* Shoulder Season
Nathan Freeman Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Ben Hudson* Shoulder 6 weeks
Patrick Karnezis Hamstring Test
Quinten Lynch Broken leg Test
Adam Oxley Ankle TBC
Matthew Scharenberg* Feet Test
Dane Swan Foot 3-4 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
Player Injury Estimated Return
Tom Bellchambers Ankle 2-3 weeks
Alex Browne* Knee Season
Joe Daniher Shoulder 3-4 weeks
Martin Gleeson Groin TBC
Will Hams* Hip Season
Nick Kommer* Knee tendinitis Season
Jobe Watson Hip flexor tendon tear 3-4 weeks
Updated: Wednesday, July 23
Player Injury Estimated Return
Hayden Ballantyne Suspended Round 19
Kepler Bradley Hamstring TBC
Brady Grey Back Season
Scott Gumbleton Back Test
Stephen Hill Quad 1 week
Garrick Ibbotson Calf 1-2 weeks
Luke McPharlin Calf Test
Alex Silvagni Ribs Test
Michael Walters Ankle 2-3 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 15
Player Injury Estimated Return
Zac Bates Hamstring Test
George Burbury Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Josh Cowan Achilles Season
Taylor Hunt Groin Test
Daniel Menzel* Knee Season
Dawson Simpson Back Test
Mathew Stokes Ankle 2-3 weeks
Nathan Vardy* Knee Season
Josh Walker Leg Test
Updated: Monday, July 14
 Gold Coast
Player Injury Estimated Return
Gary Ablett Shoulder Season
Nathan Bock Leg Indefinite
Andrew Boston Ankle Test
Josh Hall Shoulder Season
Karmichael Hunt Knee Test
Kade Kolodjashnij Hamstring Test
Brandon Matera Adductor TBC
Trent McKenzie Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Tom Murphy Suspended Round 19
Tom Nicholls Knee Indefinite
Seb Tape Hamstring Test
Jeremy Taylor Achilles Test
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
 Greater Western Sydney
Player Injury Estimated Return
Jeremy Cameron Ankle Season
Stephen Coniglio Thumb Season
Aidan Corr Shoulder Season
Stephen Gilham Hand Test
Curtly Hampton Dislocated clavicle 2 weeks
Nick Haynes Ankle Indefinite
Lachie Plowman Thigh Test
Sam Schulz Rib 4 weeks
Heath Shaw Concussion 1-2 weeks
Adam Treloar Groin Test
Lachie Whitfield Shoulder/foot Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
Player Injury Estimated Return
Jed Anderson* Shoulder Season
Josh Gibson Pectoral Test
Bradley Hill Knee soreness Test
Brian Lake Suspended Round 21
Cyril Rioli Hamstring 5-6 weeks
Brad Sewell Hamstring 1 week
Zac Webster Hamstring Test
Brendan Whitecross* Knee Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
Player Injury Estimated Return
Shannon Byrnes Foot Season
Daniel Cross Fractured fibula 2-3 weeks
Michael Evans AC joint 2-3 weeks
Jesse Hogan* Back 3-4 weeks
Jayden Hunt Back 3-4 weeks
Max King Medial ligament sprain 2-3 weeks
Jake Spencer Ankle Season
Jimmy Toumpas Acute appendicitis 4-5 weeks
Jack Trengove* Broken foot (navicular) Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 15
 North Melbourne
Player Injury Estimated Return
Leigh Adams Knee Test
Tom Curran* Foot Indefinite
Cameron Delaney Toe Season
Taylor Garner Hamstring Indefinite
Nathan Grima Foot 1-2 weeks
Jamie Macmillan Broken fibula 2-3 weeks
Tim McGenniss Shoulder TBC
Robbie Nahas Shoulder 3 weeks
Robbie Tarrant Tibia Season
Joel Tippett* Pectoral 2 weeks
Daniel Wells Foot 2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
 Port Adelaide
Player Injury Estimated Return
Alipate Carlile Hamstring Test
Sam Colquhoun* Knee Season
Campbell Heath* Knee 5-7 weeks
Angus Monfries Hamstring Test
Jarrad Redden* Knee Season
Brent Renouf Knee Season
Jackson Trengove Ankle 2-3 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
Player Injury Estimated Return
David Astbury Knee TBC
Reece Conca Concussion Test
Shaun Grigg Hamstring Test
Daniel Jackson Glute 2-3 weeks
Jake King* Foot 1-3 weeks
Ben Lennon Concussion Test
Kamdyn McIntosh Foot 1 week
Ricky Petterd Finger 1 week
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
 St Kilda
Player Injury Estimated Return
Jarryn Geary Elbow 5 weeks
Sam Gilbert* Foot 3 weeks
Tom Lee Shoulder Season
Beau Maister Shoulder Season
Daniel Markworth Hamstring Season
Terry Milera Leg Test
Arryn Siposs Shoulder Season
Jack Steven Thigh 3-4 weeks
Eli Templeton Fractured arm Season
Jimmy Webster Foot Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 15
 Sydney Swans
Player Injury Estimated Return
Aliir Aliir Shoulder Season
Tom Derickx Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Dan Hannebery Ankle internal sprain Test
Alex Johnson Knee Season
Zac Jones Achilles Test
Harry Marsh Hamstring Test
Tom Mitchell Knee 1 week
Toby Nankervis Finger Test
Lloyd Perris Knee Season
Rhyce Shaw Ankle Test
Kurt Tippett Knee Test
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
 West Coast
Player Injury Estimated Return
Tom Barrass Groin Season
Mitch Brown Knee/ankle Test
Brant Colledge Ankle 2 weeks
Rowen Powell Shoulder Season
Matt Rosa Pectoral muscle Season
Scott Selwood Ankle 6 weeks
Elliot Yeo Hand 2-3 weeks
Beau Waters* Shoulder Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
 Western Bulldogs
Player Injury Estimated Return
Josh Prudden Knee TBC
Clay Smith Knee Season
Mitch Wallis Foot Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 22
*Placed on the club's long-term injury list