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Power defender Jarman Impey inks new deal

Speedy backman will remain at Alberton until at least the end of 2018

9:01pm  May 26, 2015

Minson cops four weeks

VFL Tribunal hands out severe penalty after umpire contact

8:10pm  May 26, 2015

Hawk defender Birchall in doubt for Suns

Ankle leaves Hawk '50-50' but there's better news for full-back

6:51pm  May 26, 2015

Injury update

AFL injury update

Keep up to date on your club's sidelined players with the game's most comprehensive injury list. All the latest updates plus return dates for suspended players.

PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Rory Atkins Knee Test
Luke Brown Concussion Test
Brad Crouch Broken foot 2 weeks
Harry Dear* Shoulder TBA
Richard Douglas Foot 2 weeks
Ricky Henderson Back Test
Matt Jaensch Knee Season
Sam Kerridge Ankle TBA
Rory Laird Concussion Test
Mitch McGovern Achilles Test
Andy Otten Knee 3-4 months
Sam Shaw Hamstring Test
Rory Sloane Fractured cheekbone 2-4 weeks
Brodie Smith Concussion Test
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
 Brisbane Lions
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Michael Close Knee Season
Jonathan Freeman Glute 6-8 weeks
Cian Hanley Knee Season
Pearce Hanley* Hip 1-2 weeks
Matt Maguire Concussion Indefinite
Sam Mayes Foot Test
Jaden McGrath Foot 8-10 weeks
Luke McGuane Knee Indefinite
Daniel McStay Finger 1-2 weeks
Daniel Merrett Hamstring Indefinite
Jackson Paine Ankle Season
Jack Redden Back 1-2 weeks
Brent Staker Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Trent West Knee 4 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Ciaran Byrne Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Bryce Gibbs Back 2 weeks
Cameron Giles* Foot Indefinite
Lachie Henderson Hamstring Test
Michael Jamison Calf 1 week
Chris Judd Knee soreness 1 week
Ciaran Sheehan* Groin 12 weeks
Andrew Walker Knee Test
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Nathan Freeman Hamstring 2-4 weeks
Jack Frost Corked hamstring Test
Levi Greenwood* Fractured tibia 1-3 weeks
Lachlan Keeffe Provisionally suspended Indefinite
Ben Kennedy Hamstring tightness Test
Darcy Moore Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Brent Macaffer* Knee 3-4 weeks
Jackson Ramsay Shin 1-2 weeks
Ben Reid Quad Test
Ben Sinclair Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Josh Thomas Provisionally suspended Indefinite
Alan Toovey Jarred knee Test
Clinton Young Hamstring tightness Test
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Heath Hocking Groin 4-6 weeks
Nick Kommer Knee 4 weeks
Jake Long Thumb 5-6 weeks
David Myers Shoulder 4 weeks
Jason Winderlich* Back 4 weeks
David Zaharakis Ankle 1 week
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Michael Apeness Knee 7-9 weeks
Ryan Crowley Provisionally suspended TBC
Zac Dawson Groin Test
Anthony Morabito Knee TBA
Alex Pearce Back bruising Test
Alex Silvagni Hamstring 7-9 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Jimmy Bartel Knee 4-6 weeks
Josh Cowan Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Cameron Delaney Foot Indefinite
Mitch Duncan Foot 10-12 weeks
Dean Gore Shoulder Test
Lincoln McCarthy* Foot Indefinite
Hamish McIntosh Calf tendon 4-6 weeks
Daniel Menzel Knee Indefinite
Billie Smedts Collarbone 4-6 weeks
Nathan Vardy Knee Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
 Gold Coast
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Gary Ablett Shoulder Indefinite
Clay Cameron Calf Test
Sam Day Elbow 2-3 week
Jarrod Garlett* Ankle Indefinite
Daniel Gorringe Foot Test
Nick Malceski Knee Test
Jack Martin Ankle Test
Jaeger O'Meara* Knee Season
Dion Prestia Knee 12-16 weeks
David Swallow* Knee Indefinite
Rory Thompson Hip 1-2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
 Greater Western Sydney
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Phil Davis Suspended Available round 10
Tim Mohr Knee TBC
Rhys Palmer Shoulder 1-2 weeks
Jonathon Patton Knee TBC
Lachie Plowman Elbow 3-4 weeks
Liam Sumner Wrist 1 week
Adam Tomlinson Toe 8 weeks
Jacob Townsend Foot 2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Kaiden Brand* Shoulder  Season
Grant Birchall Ankle Test
Ben McEvoy Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Matt Spangher Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Zac Webster Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Chris Dawes Calf Test
Sam Frost Toe 4-6 weeks
Jay Kennedy-Harris Groin 2 weeks
Dean Kent Hamstring 6 weeks
Christian Petracca* Knee Season
Christian Salem Hamstring 2 weeks
Jack Trengove Foot Season
Dom Tyson Knee Test
Updated: Tuesday, May 26 
 North Melbourne
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Leigh Adams Concussion TBC
Ben Brown Knee Test
Nick Dal Santo Hamstring 4-6 weeks
Taylor Garner Hamstring 1 week
Nathan Grima* Back 3-4 weeks
Kieran Harper Knee 1-2 weeks
Brad McKenzie Ribs Test
Daniel Nielson* Knee Season
Andrew Swallow Thumb 1-3 weeks
Daniel Wells Achilles tendon Indefinite
Updated: Tuesday, May 19
 Port Adelaide
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Billy Frampton* Shin 1-2 weeks
Dougal Howard Stress fracture 1-2 weeks
Jared Polec* Foot 6-8 weeks
Jackson Trengove Ankle TBA
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Dan Butler Knee 7-9 weeks
Reece Conca Hamstring 4-6 weeks
Nathan Drummond* Knee Season
Nathan Foley Knee TBC
Chris Knights* Hamstring 5-7 weeks
Kane Lambert Shoulder 1-3 weeks
Liam McBean Thumb Test
Chris Newman Groin 1-2 weeks
Ricky Petterd* Foot 8-10 weeks
Ty Vickery Ankle/knee 1-2 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
 St Kilda
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Luke Delaney Hip Test
Jarryn Geary Corked thigh Test
Sam Gilbert Quadricep Test
Jack Lonie Concussion Test
Daniel Markworth* Shoulder 2 weeks
Nick Riewoldt Concussion Test
Arryn Siposs* Shoulder 2 weeks
Jimmy Webster Concussion Test
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
 Sydney Swans
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Isaac Heeney Knee 3-5 weeks
Alex Johnson* Knee Indefinite
Lewis Melican Groin 1 week
Lloyd Perris Knee 3 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
 West Coast
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Mitch Brown Knee Season
Damien Cavka Foot 2 weeks
Jack Darling Foot 2 weeks
Mark Hutchings Hamstring Test
Tom Lamb Knee 4 weeks
Eric Mackenzie* Knee Season
Dylan Main Back 1 week
Matt Rosa Hamstring Test
Dom Sheed Hand 1 week
Simon Tunbridge Ankle 10 weeks
Elliot Yeo Suspended Available round 10
Updated: Tuesday, May 26
 Western Bulldogs
PlayerInjuryEstimated Return
Matt Fuller Quad 1 week
Brett Goodes Suspended Available round 10
Jordan Kelly Finger 4 weeks
Tom Liberatore* Knee Season
Dale Morris Pectoral 4 weeks
Clay Smith Knee Season
Updated: Tuesday, May 26

*Placed on the club's long-term injury list