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Damian Barrett is an award-winning journalist and one of the best in the business for breaking AFL stories. Barrett presents Access All Areas and writes for


Big call, and hey Prestia, it's the right one

Damian Barrett would like to get hold of Dion Prestia's crystal ball

10:05pm Apr 19, 2017


Barrett: Banged-up Rooey still the Saints' soul

DAMIAN BARRETT: Nick Riewoldt is a remodelled superstar

10:41pm Apr 12, 2017


It's finals or it's a 'fail': Koch's hard word

Port chairman sends a clear message to the team and the coaches

7:09am Mar 17, 2017


Ablett will not be allowed to leave: Cochrane

Ablett is not allowed to leave under any circumstances, says Cochrane

10:30pm Mar 9, 2017


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IF you have lots of OK-outs and lots of OK-ins ... THEN

8:19am Oct 21, 2016


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IF you want to publicly sook when we reveal you're tradeable ... THEN

8:43am Oct 14, 2016


Caddy the key in potential Deledio trade

Geelong midfielder becomes Tiger target in Deledio trade scenario

2:43pm Oct 11, 2016


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IF you think the out-of-contract Fyfe will be a big story in 2017 ... THEN

8:41am Oct 7, 2016


The 'no excuses' Grand Final

BARRETT: Lesser teams opted for easier, losing-mindset options

3:05pm Sep 30, 2016


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If Boomer is wearing black-and-white stripes next year ... then

7:47am Sep 30, 2016