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'You'll struggle to get a game': Swan tells Bud

In-form rookie jokes with Franklin as young forwards fire

11:18am  May 24, 2018

Geelong set to unveil another debutant

Nineteen-year-old forward will make his debut at home against Blues

11:15am  May 24, 2018

Elliott talks to be Magpies' most challenging

There's another contract more delicate than De Goey and Moore

10:53am  May 24, 2018

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Damian Barrett


Barrett: Tough Simmo snubs copycat industry

West Coast coach does things his own way - and is reaping the rewards

3:31pm May 23, 2018


Sliding Doors: round nine

If you look up "shambles' in a 21st century dictionary ...

3:52pm May 18, 2018


Sliding Doors: round eight

If you're a high-profile footballer in Perth ... then

8:29am May 11, 2018


BARRETT: Rance right in 'big tuna' debate

Tigers can deal with Lynch on their own terms, Damian Barrett writes

3:00pm May 9, 2018


Sliding Doors: round seven

If you want our fear-the-worst prediction ... then

8:17am May 4, 2018


Sliding Doors: round six

If the Crows had their time over again ... then

8:02am Apr 27, 2018


BARRETT: Thank you, Tex Walker

As an industry, we’re quick to smash Walker. Can’t understand why

10:31pm Apr 26, 2018


Sliding Doors: round five

IF Demons officials could have time over again ... THEN

9:44pm Apr 20, 2018


Sliding Doors: round four

If the Pies aren't prepared to say it publicly ... THEN

8:52am Apr 13, 2018


Sliding Doors: round three

If there's one thing Stringer has in his footy repertoire ... then

9:20am Apr 6, 2018