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After the siren

The round unwound: controversies, moments that mattered, plus your burning questions


After the siren: Watch your backs, the Swans are coming

The Swans could well surge into September with their form revival

7:52pm May 21, 2017


After the siren: Mundy's kick could shape two seasons

Tiger reality check hits but they're not alone, plus Freo find a way

8:45pm May 14, 2017


After the siren: Are the unbeaten Crows untouchable?

Something special is afoot in Adelaide, Ashley Browne writes

9:00pm Apr 30, 2017


After the siren: Time's running out for Nathan Buckley

At 1-4 and the Cats to come, the Pies coach is in big trouble

8:25pm Apr 25, 2017


After the siren: Eagles must cure their MCG-phobia

Not enough has changed in a year for West Coast, writes Ashley Browne

10:22pm Apr 23, 2017


After the siren: Best in the comp? Big Sun just might be

Gold Coast skipper starts to live up to huge pre-season billing

7:40pm Apr 17, 2017


After the siren: Hawks face biggest test after Suns shock

Gary Ablett, Rodney Eade respond and Hawks pay the price

9:52pm Apr 9, 2017


After the siren: If your team's 0-2, is it time to panic?

Eight teams are yet to salute. Ashley Browne assesses their hopes

8:29pm Apr 2, 2017


Pre-season ticks and crosses

AFTER THE SIREN: Where your club passed the test and where it failed

8:46am Mar 14, 2017


After the siren

Early harvest looms for new coach Fagan, plus Blues fans wise up

9:00am Mar 6, 2017


After the siren

Sam Mitchell's debut and other musings from the second week of JLT

8:04am Feb 27, 2017


The trade that shook the comp

AFTER THE SIREN: A look back at the 2001 blockbuster trade

11:30am Oct 8, 2016


After the siren

Twenty years after fly-on-the-wall doco, Dogs' time has come

8:10am Oct 2, 2016


After the siren

Dogs' biggest weapon heading into the Grand Final isn't the players

11:32am Sep 25, 2016


After the siren

With apologies to Port, there's history here in the making

9:09am Sep 18, 2016


Will Swans, Hawks rebound?

AFTER THE SIREN: Can the qualifying finals losers bounce back?

7:30pm Sep 11, 2016


A finals feast

AFTER THE SIREN: Dissecting the menu for finals week one

8:45pm Aug 28, 2016


How will Eagles, Hawks cope?

AFTER THE SIREN: What Simmo, Clarko might do to fill the ruck void

8:24pm Aug 21, 2016


Nic Nat shakes it up

AFTER THE SIREN: Big Eagle's brilliance could shape September

8:34pm Aug 14, 2016


Dees have got it right

AFTER THE SIREN: Red and blue youth run riot, Hodge shows his age

8:41pm Aug 7, 2016