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Ump apologises to baffled Joey

4:33pm  Apr 23, 2017

Was a Docker dudded on deliberate?

12:25pm  Apr 18, 2017

Umpire gets cleaned up

5:38pm  Apr 16, 2017

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What was that 50m penalty for?

TALKING POINTS: Strange umpiring decisions in Saints-Cats clash

5:55pm  Apr 23, 2017

Just get out of the way of Dan McStay

TALKING POINTS: Goal umpire misses the memo and cops it

8:01pm  Apr 16, 2017

Umpires don't lack empathy: Kennedy

Hayden Kennedy says umpires have a good feel for the game

5:18pm  Apr 10, 2017

AFL Umpire Uniforms

The AFL has partnered with high performance teamwear supplier BLK to provide community umpires with the opportunity to wear the same on-field uniform and off-field apparel as the AFL Umpires.

The AFL has a vision of all Australian Football umpires wearing the same uniform to signify one team.

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