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Tope's back in the game

Goal umpire Tope Adepoyibi is aiming to be involved in the NAB AFLW competition

March 8, 2018  9:00 AM

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Tope's back in the game

Goal umpire Tope Adepoyibi is aiming to be involved in the NAB AFLW competition

9:00AM Mar 8, 2018

Goal ump dumped as Sheridan strikes

Tommy Sheridan curls a ripper but the goal umpire has more than the kick to think about

1:38PM Aug 27, 2017

Brown's big grab goes unrewarded

North Melbourne spearhead Ben Brown flies for a brilliant pack mark but it isn't paid by the umpire

3:56PM Aug 13, 2017

Pyke: 'Super proud of them'

Crows coach Don Pyke was delighted with his side's outstanding pressure, but questioned the umpiring of the game

11:52PM Jul 21, 2017

Robertson on report for Cotchin headbutt

Brisbane Lion Nick Robertson is reported by the umpire for contact with Tiger Trent Cotchin

3:05PM Jul 16, 2017

Whose mark is this?

Jonathon Patton was unhappy with the umpire's decision to award the man in front

3:29PM Jul 8, 2017

Sidebottom swoops on missed McEvoy mark

Collingwood's Steele Sidebottom snaps a goal after Ben McEvoy's big mark isn't paid by the umpires

4:28PM Jul 2, 2017

Ump bump leaves Doggie groggy

Mitch Honeychurch collides with an umpire streaming towards goal

2:13PM Jul 1, 2017

Scott: 'Our fans will demand answers'

North Melbourne coach Brad Scott says controversial umpiring decisions will create a lot of dialogue

12:10AM Jun 25, 2017

Hall of Fame: Brett Allen

No-nonsense umpire took part in seven grand finals

8:41PM Jun 20, 2017

Hinkley: Umps got Dixon call right

Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley says the umpires got the Charlie Dixon play-on call '100% correct'

11:40PM May 25, 2017

Tom's bomb leaves ump with Mayes haze

A great long goal on the boundary from Tom Lynch results in Sam Mayes crashing into the goal umpire

7:53PM May 20, 2017

Jack's jostle sees Caddy goal cancelled

Josh Caddy drills a much needed Tigers goal but the umpire rules that Jack Riewoldt shepherded it through illegally

3:10PM May 14, 2017

Cat's paws leave umpy floored

Cameron Guthrie pushes the umpire over to take a mark and isn't penalised

9:09PM May 13, 2017

No score review, what's your view?

The goal umpire decided not to review this touched ball call

9:14PM May 12, 2017

Hardwick: 'I don't blame the umps at all'

Damien Hardwick said he doesn't blame umpires for some questionable decisions against the Dogs

11:54PM May 6, 2017

Score review goes against the Pies

Mason Cox thought he'd snapped a beauty, but the umpires disagreed

4:15PM Apr 25, 2017

Ump apologises to baffled Joey

Leigh Montagna cops a 50m penalty, but even the umpire acknowledges his argument

4:33PM Apr 23, 2017

Was a Docker dudded on deliberate?

Nat Edwards and Hayden Kennedy talk umpiring on the round four edition of Whistleblowers

12:25PM Apr 18, 2017

Umpire gets cleaned up

Daniel McStay's attempt to spoil results in clash with goal umpire

5:38PM Apr 16, 2017