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Personal Best

Football's biggest names reveal the players who have had the greatest impact on the game and their careers

Dangerfield's top 10 running goals

The best goals on the run as seen by the Crows star

January 7, 2014  12:00 AM

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Dangerfield's top 10 running goals

The best goals on the run as seen by the Crows star

12:00AM Jan 7, 2014

Kennedy's ten top No.1 draft picks

The Swan star names his best players to go at number one

10:21AM Dec 28, 2013

Scott Thompson's top 10 AAMI Stadium moments

The all-time best moments from South Australia's football home

7:00AM Aug 27, 2013

Jobe Watson's top 10 comebacks

Bomber champ recalls the emotional and great comebacks in the game

7:00AM Aug 20, 2013

Jeremy Howe's top 10 marks he's seen

The Demons high flyer counts down the best marks of the last 25 years

7:00AM Aug 15, 2013

Robert Murphy names his top 10 wingmen

Dogs star nominates greats such as Long, Mainwaring, Dougie, Dipper

7:00AM Aug 6, 2013

Lenny Hayes' top 10 moments at Etihad

Moorcroft's screamer, McCartney comeback, chicken wings, there's been plenty

7:00AM Jul 23, 2013

Jarrad McVeigh picks the top 10 NSW players

The best New South Welshmen to play the game

7:00AM Jul 16, 2013

Andrew Carrazzo picks his top 10 Italian footballers

Carlton star chooses the best Italians from the last 25 years

7:01AM Jul 9, 2013

Dayne Beams picks his top 10 Queenslanders

Magpie star chooses the best Queenslanders to have played the game

7:01AM Jul 2, 2013

Nic Naitanui picks the top 10 footy haircuts

The mullets, the shaved heads, the peroxides, to the downright horrible

7:01AM Jun 25, 2013

Mitchell's top 10 desperate acts

Hawk star names the best acts of desperation he's ever seen

7:00AM Jun 18, 2013

Luke McPharlin names his top ten West Australian players

The Freo star's best West Aussies in the AFL

7:00AM Jun 4, 2013

Jonathan Brown names his top 10 Victorian players

Check out his best Vics, including Archer, Ablett, Lockett, Brereton, Judd and more

7:11AM May 28, 2013

Eddie Betts nominates his top 10 indigenous players

Some legends of the game including Matera, Winmar, Krakouer, McLeod and more

7:01AM May 21, 2013

Drew Petrie nominates the top 10 key defenders he's seen

The Kangas star takes us through his Personal Best key backs

7:01AM May 14, 2013

Dom Cassisi's ten biggest upsets in the game

The Port star nominates his top Personal Best surprise results

4:22PM May 6, 2013

David Zaharakis's top 10 match-winning goals

Personal Best

11:43AM Apr 29, 2013

Luke Ball's 10 best MCG moments

Ahead of a huge Anzac Day at the MCG, the star Pie names the best highlights at the ground

12:49PM Apr 22, 2013

Luke Hodge's 10 best left-footers

The Hawk skipper nominates his top ten left footers in the game

10:00AM Apr 16, 2013