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Burning questions for the JLT Community Series

Your club's key issues ahead of the longform pre-season games

10:54am  Feb 21, 2018

New hamstring setback for luckless Saint

Ill-starred St Kilda midfielder may face more surgery

10:40am  Feb 21, 2018

Dee treads line between 'confidence and arrogance'

Explosive Demon wants to have a massive impact each week

9:35am  Feb 21, 2018

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DEVELOPING: Saint may need surgery

We cross to Jen Phelan for breaking news from St Kilda

February 21, 2018  11:29 AM

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DEVELOPING: Saint may need surgery

We cross to Jen Phelan for breaking news from St Kilda

11:29AM Feb 21, 2018

Gibbs' role, Lever's spot, going one better

Adelaide coach Don Pyke answers the fans' questions in Ask The Coach

11:00AM Feb 21, 2018

HEADLINES: Roos, Saints, Tigers injuries

Matt Thompson with an update

10:40AM Feb 21, 2018

MUST WATCH: De Goey snubs reporters

Tuesday Footy Feed with Matt Thompson, Jen Phelan and Ash Browne

5:35PM Feb 20, 2018

Can Hawkins be Rooey, Danger with Gaz

Geelong coach Chris Scott tackles the fans' questions

4:50PM Feb 20, 2018

Cats' home hopes, Giants care

Footy Feed headlines with Matt Thompson

11:35AM Feb 20, 2018

De Goey shattered, AFLX here to stay, more

Monday Footy Feed with Matt Thompson and Jen Phelan

5:42PM Feb 19, 2018

AFLW wrap: Premiers regain their mojo

Matt Thompson wraps up round three of the 2018 AFLW season

2:59PM Feb 19, 2018

Young Magpie to face the music

Matt Thompson with a Footy Feed update from Collingwood

9:41AM Feb 19, 2018

AFLW stars join the team at Women's Footy

Guests include Nicole Livingstone, Ellie Blackburn, Sabrina Frederick-Traub and more

9:26AM Feb 19, 2018

Lions go undefeated in AFLX experiment

All the highlights from tournament three in Sydney

9:22AM Feb 19, 2018

Who kicks the goals for the Blues?

Carlton coach Brendon Bolton answers the fans' questions in Ask The Coach

6:00AM Feb 17, 2018

Melksham brings X-factor, Dees taste glory

Nat Edwards with all the news and highlights from AFLX tournament two in Melbourne

11:51PM Feb 16, 2018

Rookies to watch and who's the no.1 ruck

Kangas coach Brad Scott tackles the fans' hard questions

4:44PM Feb 16, 2018

Majak's mission, silver out, Roughy's baby

Friday Footy Feed with Matt Thompson

4:31PM Feb 16, 2018

HEADLINES: AFLX divides, Bennell setback

A Footy Feed update with Matt Thompson

10:25AM Feb 16, 2018

Essendon coach tackles fans' curly questions

John Worsfold on his new recruits, Hooker's role and his pirate captain

9:00AM Feb 16, 2018

Historic night of AFLX

Main moments from Adelaide with Matt Thompson and Ashley Browne

8:03AM Feb 16, 2018

AFLW: 'Sabs' aims for next level

Brisbane Lions star Sabrina Frederick-Traub on the pain of losing and the value of staying true to herself

12:00AM Feb 16, 2018

Hungry Dogs, sore Pies, Mav's diet

Nat Edwards with the latest news

4:56PM Feb 15, 2018