The AFL is committed to ensuring safe, welcoming and inclusive environments for all people involved in Australian Football.

To achieve this, the AFL will adopt a specific and consistent approach to a range of social issues, underpinned by education, awareness-raising activities, support services, social responsibilities, research and evaluation, and compliance.

The Issue

Alcohol is the most widely used drug in Australia today, and many people's lives have been severely affected by either short or long term harmful alcohol consumption.

  • Alcohol is second only to tobacco as a preventable cause of drug related deaths and hospitalisations in Australia, costing an estimated $15billion per year to the economy
  • Over 3,000 deaths and 72,000 hospital admissions in Australia each year are as a result of harmful drinking
  • 87.9% of Australians aged over 14 years had drunk alcohol at some stage in their life
  • 39.5% of drinkers consumed alcohol on a weekly basis

The damage alcohol can cause:

  • Drinking during adolescence can seriously impair brain development in teenagers
  • This can have long term impacts on memory, ability to learn and problem solving skills, mood control, and mental health issues, such as depression
  • Drinking as an adolescent can bring about learning difficulties, memory problems and other issues later in life
  • For children and young people under 18 years of age, not drinking alcohol is the safest option

Education Resources

Impact Series: Alcohol and Violence - Video and Education Resource 

  • This resource features Steven Morris from Richmond FC, who discusses his experiences with alcohol and violence
  • This resource also features James Macready-Bryan, who was left permanently disabled after being assaulted in Melbourne in 2006.    
  • The resource contains information on how to deliver the resource, key questions, key messages and a fact sheet on alcohol and violence.

Online Course

The online AFL Illicit Drugs and Alcohol education module is designed to provide you with information on making informed decisions about drugs and alcohol, how to respond if you were offered drugs, and how to act responsibly in social situations.

The course includes videos of current and former AFL players providing a peer presence and discussing their thoughts and opinions on saying no to drugs.

Instructions to access course:

  1. Select this link to access the online Illicit Drugs and Alcohol education module
  2. Select "Add to Cart" button on right-hand side of screen
  3. Confirm purchase of "AFL Illicit Drugs and Alcohol" online education module by checking the box and selecting "Proceed To Checkout"
  4. Enter your details if you are a registered user or create an account

Support Services

Drink Wise Australia
Information and facts on alcohol
Phone 1800 888 236 (freecall)

Family Drug Support
Supporting families affected by alcohol and other drugs
Phone 1300 368 186

Documents for Download