Match Fixing and Corruption

The AFL is committed to ensuring the game of Australian football is played in a fair and honest way, and that all matches are competed for on a level playing field.

Sports betting corruption is a significant issue that all professional sporting bodies are currently facing, and the advancements in smartphone betting technology has led to an increased risk for the AFL related to match-fixing and corruption.

The Issue

The racing and sports industries account for around $2.6 billion of all gambling and wagers placed within Australia per year.

The amount of money that is wagered on sporting contests places a significant responsibility on sporting organisations to protect the integrity of their codes and prevent issues such as corruption.

Sports betting corruption is often associated with organised crime, and athletes are at the greatest risk of being targeted by criminal organisations due to the influence they have on the outcome of matches or events.

The following could be indicators that an athlete is being groomed to engage in match-fixing or corruption:

  • An acquaintance is being overly generous in the giving of gifts for no particular reason, and becomes friendly quite quickly.
  • An acquaintance is involved in heavy gambling in other sports and encourages a player to participate
  • An acquaintance consistently asks a player for information relating to team changes and injuries, etc.
  • An acquaintance offers cash or other gifts in exchange for menial tasks or activities (i.e. providing inside information, giving away a free kick, etc.)

The AFL Gambling Regulations exist to protect the integrity of the AFL competition of match-fixing and corruption, and outline the responsibilities of all those people who work within the AFL industry, either paid or unpaid.

There is also criminal legislation relating to match-fixing and corruption in all states and territories, which carries a penalty of jail time for people who a convicted.

Players who are heavy gamblers are placed at a greater risk of being targeted by criminal organisations, and should be aware of the signs of being groomed to engage in match-fixing or corruption.

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