Trisha Squires

CEO, AFL Tasmania

I started in a part time Partnership and Community Engagement role at AFL Tasmania. Because of the great experience and support I had at the AFL after becoming a mother, I felt really supported when taking on the larger responsibilities that came with the CEO role, which I was promoted to in 2018.

The ability to work flexibly in a very senior role at the AFL has been great as I balance my family commitments. Working from home one day a week allows extra time with my girls.

Within my role I champion flexibility. It’s important I lead the way and show you can work flexibly as a senior leader. Hopefully it encourages others to do to the same, as I know just how important it is to take care of the people that work with us.

I’m really thankful the staff in Tasmania who have embraced my leadership style and supported me on my leadership journey, and I would like to thank the larger industry who have supported my professional growth.