The constitution of an incorporated body is a legal document that can usually only be changed by a specifically convened general meeting, and in some cases at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

What is a Club Constitution?

A constitution is a basic set of rules for the daily running of your organisation. It details for your members and others, the name, objects, methods of management and other conditions under which your association, club or group operates, and generally the reasons for its existence.

A constitution can:

  • Explain to members and non-members what your organisation is about
  • Provide guidelines for the daily running of your organisation
  • Help to sort out internal problems
  • Is a legal necessity if your organisation wishes to become incorporated
  • Can help in seeking resources from other organisations, such as a government agency

Most constitutions are based on the Model Rules for Incorporated Bodies which is administered by their relevant state government bodies.

For more information about your state/territory constitution requirements please visit the relevant state government website.

NSW – Department of Fair Trading
ACT – Access Canberra
WA – Government of Western Australia
QLD – Queensland Government
Vic – Consumer Affairs Victoria
Tas – Tasmanian Government