From 2019, the AFL has integrated the accreditation and registration of coaches on CoachAFL and SportsTG (FootyWeb), simplifying the administrative process for coaches and ensuring data coherence between the two systems. 

This process also enabled the enforced selection of a coach to a team sheet, meaning that team sheets cannot be saved and submitted without selection of a coach. 

In 2019, an overall compliance rate of 96% of accredited coaches to team sheets was achieved using a deadline of May 31 to have all coaches accredited. Following an interrupted 2020 season and the success of this in 2019, the same approach will be adopted, providing a “grace period” for coaches to gain their coaching accreditation. This approach includes a “No Official” option in the coach drop-down list for teams that are yet to have their coach accredit. This approach: 

- Provides a window for coaches to become accredited at the beginning of the season 
- Enables reporting of clubs not selecting an accredited coach, which in turn assists in identifying clubs/teams that are non-compliant 

In 2021, a deadline of the last weekend in May will again be implemented. The removal of the ‘no official’ option in the team sheet field will take place on Monday May 31 in preparation for the round beginning Friday June 4, 2021. 


Coaches are required to renew their coaching accreditation annually through CoachAFL. 

- Part of this process requires a coach to select their coaching role and the club/s they are coaching at in 2021. This confirms their registration to their club as a coach. 
- Coaches are required to complete their renewal as per the guide AVAILABLE HERE
- A Team Sheet Will Not Be Saved Until a Coach is Selected 

Clubs will need to select a head coach from a drop-down list in the team sheet in order to save, submit and print. 

- This requires that all clubs have a Head Coach listed on a team sheet 
- The drop-down list available for clubs to select a coach from will be formed from a list of accredited coaches registered to the club through CoachAFL 
- If clubs are selecting Assistant Coaches they will also need to be registered and accredited through CoachAFL. 
- At the beginning of the season, a ‘No Official’ option will be made available in the dropdown list so that clubs are able to save and submit a team sheet if a coach is not available to be selected on the dropdown list. This grace period will allow Coaches time to register and accredit through CoachAFL. The ‘No Official’ option will be removed nationally after Monday May 31 in preparation for the round beginning Friday June 4, 2021. 
- If clubs try to submit a team sheet without a coach listed, an error message will appear prompting them to select a coach or the ‘No Official’ option in the dropdown 
- Click here for more information on how to select a Coach to a team sheet 

It is essential that coaches have joined CoachAFL in 2021, selected the correct club (to the correct league/competition) in their Coaching Profile and completed their accreditation course.  

If clubs have any queries, they are encouraged to contact the CoachAFL Support Team at