AFL supports a modular construction for AFL community clubs

Across Australia, we are seeing a dramatic surge in grassroots sports participation. At the same time, many sports facilities don’t meet unisex design requirements and the cost to upgrade them is in the hundreds of millions. Through our collaboration with Ausco Modular, we now have a building solution that will enable the health and growth of the game, with club facilities delivered up to 60% faster at 15-30% less cost.

This innovation in construction allows State Government, Councils and Clubs to invest in best practice facilities that meet the requirements of their sporting community from a design, cost and quality perspective.

The following set of designs meet the AFL Preferred Facilities Guidelines, and through them, we will support current players not only from the AFL but across all sporting codes, as well as attract emerging female and multicultural participants through the provision of safe and private changing facilities.

Modular Plans (videos)

Local and regional with community spaces

Local change rooms only

Modular Plans and Information

Ausco Modular Sporting Facilities Design Catalogue (PDF)

Ausco Modular Snowtown Sports Broadcast

Blyth-Snowtown Football and Netball Club is the first club to build an Ausco Modular facility providing a safe and private changing area to female and multicultural participants, allowing them to attract more players to the club.

The videos below follow the progress of the facility development.

Episode 1 - The Off-Season
Episode 2: Game On
Episode 3: The Game Wins In The End