The AFL and Cricket Australia (AFL CA) endorse the playing of community level Australian Football and Cricket on a synthetic turf surface that meets the criteria in the AFL CA Handbook of Testing for Synthetic Turf March 2018.

In 2007, Federation University Australia (formerly the University of Ballarat) developed criteria for the use of synthetic turf for Australian Football and cricket commissioned by the AFL, Cricket Australia, Sport & Recreation Victoria and JLT Trustees (the insurer to both the AFL and Cricket Australia). An expert panel regularly review the criteria to ensure that the products are safe and comparable with the playing characteristics of natural grass.

A Synthetic Turf Product Certification System has been developed in response to the need for a system to serve and protect AFL CA synthetic field manufacturers whilst giving vital support as part of the solution in meeting the substantial demand for additional playing fields to meet each sports participation needs in to the future.

The purpose of this Certification System is to ensure compliance with AFL CA requirements to safeguard the health of players and officials and to guarantee the integrity of the performance of the synthetic field.

The AFL CA Synthetic Turf Product Certificate is not intended as a product endorsement beyond one of suitability and acceptability for community football and cricket competitions under AFL CA. The system is administered by the AFL CA Community Facilities Departments in co-operation with the AFL CA Synthetic Turf Technical Committee.

Certified products along with venues installed across Australia will be listed on our sport’s websites as will those installers that have been endorsed due to their relevant capabilities and experience.


General Information

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Standard and Certification Information

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