The treasurer ensures that a financial management system and reporting system is in place and operable, so the club committee has an accurate, true and correct understanding of the financial status of the club at all times.

Key Responsibilities

  • Establish a club Budget
  • Maintaining up-to-date records of all income & expenditure
  • Ensure all money received is recorded and banked promptly
  • Prepare and distribute invoices/accounts for services rendered
  • Maintain the club’s cash flow
  • Ensure financial policy and procedures are in place and maintained
  • Submit reports to the Committee in an accurate and timely manner
  • Manage payments for paid employees & honorariums to volunteers
  • Submit tax returns (BAS) and income tax payments for employees as required under tax law
  • Prepare all necessary financial statements for the annual report
  • Prepare financial accounts suitable for auditing and are audited as required

Key Requirements

  • Awareness of accounting procedures
  • Understanding of GST and related practices
  • Timeliness & cash flow (Claims, payments, invoicing etc)
  • Ability to keep accurate records
  • Transparency
  • Attention to detail