Values are the core beliefs that shape the way people behave and make decisions. They provide a framework for how members treat one another and how they treat others such as potential members and other clubs.

The values will naturally come from your mission statement.

A club should establish between four and six key values that will form the base to develop a genuine understanding of what is important to the club.

Establishing values

The values set the tone and direction for the whole club so it’s important to involve a range of stakeholders including club members, club committee, parents and club alumni during the development phase.

Start by brainstorming all the behaviours, qualities, characteristics and feelings you would want the club and members to have, so that the club can deliver the results the business needs. It’s not unusual for the group to come up with a list of 50 or more words! If you get a bit stuck, ask:

  • What’s important to us?
  • What brought us all together and continues to hold us together?
  • What will help guide us when we are facing a difficult decision?
  • What parts of our club are we proud of?

The next step is to do a cull of the list. Discuss each point made in the brainstorming session and determine which 4-6 values best suit the club and the desired direction. Values are universal so its ok if your values are similar to another club. There may be one or two in the list that makes the club unique.

Living your Values

Its great that you have now established your club values, but it is important to live your values. In the planning process its important to define how you live your values. Ask yourself:

  • What behaviours will match our values?
  • Will our values empower people?
  • Will our values still apply when met with a difficult decision?
  • How will we communicate our values to all club members?
  • How will we deal with a situation where someone does not live by our values?

To have an impact on your club, you need to make your values a part of everything your club does.