Close to 3,000 grounds are currently used for Australian football. This number is increasing each year due to the strong participation growth being experienced in our game in all corners of our nation.

Our need for facilities continues to expand to support participation growth and the changing profile of participation.

Increasing the capacity of grounds and pavilions and the development of facilities that welcome all participants and umpires has never been more important.

The industry is heavily focused on developing the right plans in collaboration with Councils, clubs and all other stakeholders in each project. When done well, this maximises any returns on investment through increased participation levels, club sustainability and community wellbeing.

The AFL Preferred Facility Guidelines provides clubs, councils, land owners and government a recommendation on what is expected at Australian Football venues. The Guidelines should be used to aid decision making when planning new and upgraded facilities.

To assist with projects coming to life, the AFL has created the Australian Football Facilities Fund (AFFF). The fund has the aim of ‘supporting the provision of well positioned, welcoming, accessible, fit for purpose football facilities that support our growing game’s strategic priorities’.

If your project satisfies the objectives of:

  • Maximise the carrying capacity of existing venues and the quality/functionality of their supporting infrastructure.
  • Develop new and increased carrying capacity through construction of new ovals, especially in growing communities.
  • Provide inclusive and accessible facilities that cater for the diversity of participants, particularly female participants, who wish to participate in our game.
  • Develop venues to support the game’s complete talent pathway, umpiring, landmark heritage sites and people working and volunteering within the game.
  • Enable planning and project partnerships to form with a range of government and non-government bodies to result in an improved quantity, quality and welcoming venue network for Australian Football.