A vision statement defines what your club is aspiring to become, articulating your dream and hopes for the club.

Your club’s vision statement is your inspiration, the framework for all your club planning. The vision statement sets the direction for the club moving forward, it does not detail how you are going to achieve that but sets the direction for the club plan.

The club vision should resonate the ambition of the club and members making them feel proud and excited to be part of the club. 

A good vision statement should:

  • Set a standard of excellence for all to aspire to
  • Clarify the direction and purpose of the club
  • Inspire enthusiasm and commitment from members and stakeholders
  • Be clear and easy for everyone to understand
  • Be ambitious!

The vision statement should:

  • Be based on what the club will look like in 3-5 years time
  • Be powerful, emotional and descriptive
  • Act as a base for the club and be a tool to measure future success against.
  • Be consistent with your club’s core values.

When writing the vision statement, its important to as many views and people within the club to get a range of ideas and opinons on what the club should stand for. It should always reflect what your club stands for.

Don't worry if you need a lot of versions before landing on the perfect vision for your club. It does take time and patients!