Umpires are an important part of the game. As our game continues to grow, so too does the demand to find more umpires.

Traditionally, it has been the responsibility of umpiring clubs, associations and leagues to recruit umpires. However, on any given weekend, there is a shortage of nearly 8,000 umpires nationally.

However over 90% of registered umpires either play or have played junior footy which is why junior football clubs can play a big part in helping to require umpires!

Helping to recruit more umpires ultimately takes the pressure off your club to find your own club-appointed umpires and pressure off parents and club volunteers to fill these roles on match day. The Umpiring Clubs will look after all of that for you!

The best thing about a partnership between junior clubs and umpiring, is that it not only grows umpire numbers but offers value to your club in a number of ways with little effort for your club.

The Benefits 

Support the bigger footy picture

Helping to grow umpires reduces pressure on parents and volunteers on match day. Your matches will have age appropriate umpires, reducing the reliance on older, external umpires (many who umpire many matches across a weekend).


Umpiring match fees are still payable, however, they are being paid to your clubs members and being retained within your own club. Umpiring also allows your players an opportunity to earn money.

Upskill your Players

Playing umpires also learn skills umpiring brings including;

  • Increased confidence
  • Ability to manage people and situations
  • Leadership
  • And Enhanced Knowledge of the game

Improve match day environment

Those clubs that have their own playing umpires appointed moderate their match day environment far better than clubs that don’t support umpiring as it is generally their own kids umpiring matches. A good match day environment assists in retaining both players and playing umpires alike.

Value Add

Umpiring can be an additional product offering to your players. Especially for those who may not continue playing but your clubs can still retain the benefits of keeping those kids and their parents involved in your club.

8 out of 10 Juniors umpires are playing umpires, so your club may already be helping out but just not know it.

Recognition for your club for supporting umpiring is available, so get involved today. Incentives, including financial incentives, are available in some regions to those clubs who actively promote and help recruit umpires.

For more information on how your club can get involved in umpire recruitment, contact Damian Anderson or your local umpiring support.