Volunteer management can be very time consuming. It is recommended to appoint a Club Volunteer Coordinator who will be responsible for the recruitment, management and retention of volunteers.

Appointing a volunteer coordinator will mean volunteer management won’t fall to the club president or other busy committee members.

The Volunteer Coordinator needs to be positive and enthusiastic, well organised and can communicate effectively and build relationship quickly.

Pre-season responsibilities:

  • Assess the volunteer needs
  • Develop clear job descriptions for all required tasks
  • Attract and recruit new volunteers to the club ensuring the right person is found for each job
  • Organise volunteer induction and training
  • Roster volunteers for pre-season games and/or events

Season responsibilities:

  • Supervising volunteers or allocate other members to supervise
  • Roster volunteers for all game day and season events
  • Regularly check in with volunteers to ensure volunteers are happy and have opportunity to provide feedback
  • Identify and organise any training and education opportunities
  • Recognise and promote the efforts of volunteers e.g. weekly profiles
  • Communicate and liaise with committee members as required

Post-season responsibilities:

  • Conduct volunteer survey
  • Review job descriptions and work instructions and update where required
  • Recognise volunteer efforts and thank them