BEWARE… the scammers are out and about!

Sadly, the Covid-19 crisis has given rise to a number of new invoice scams. A number of our clubs have reported that Treasurer/Executive details have been located on club websites and fake invoices have been sent to the club.

Unfortunately, thousands of $$$ from clubs have been lost to new scammers.

The ACCC’s “Scamwatch” website advises the following on Payment Redirection Scams:

Using information they have obtained by hacking your computer systems, a scammer posing as one of your regular suppliers will tell you that their banking details have changed. They may tell you they have recently changed banks, and may use stolen letterhead and branding to convince you they are legitimate.

They will provide you with a new bank account number and ask that all future payments are processed accordingly. The scam is often only detected when your regular supplier asks why they have not been paid.


Always check that goods or services were both ordered and delivered before paying an invoice, and always read the fine print carefully.

  • Try to limit the number of people in your club who are authorised to make orders or pay invoices. Make sure the business billing you is the one you normally deal with.
  • If you notice a supplier’s usual bank account details have changed, call them to confirm.
  • If you are paying an invoice for large amounts of money (i.e. for club kit), always call your usual contact at the supplier to confirm.

Check out the ACCC’s “Scamwatch” website for more information on avoiding scams.