In order to solve all the barriers to participation, the club must first make the effort to understand them.

Here are the Barriers to Participation for Multicultural Families:

  • Awareness of the game- “I don’t know the rules or have any knowledge of the game”.
  • Language- “English is not my first language”.
  • Financial- “We can’t afford to pay to play”.
  • Transport- “We can’t get to training or games”.
  • Unfamiliar cultural / social expectations- “
  • Religious Beliefs- “Nobody at the club understands my faith”
  • Mental health- “There is nobody at the club to talk to”
  • Family responsibilities- “My child may get hurt”.
  • Racism and discrimination- “I was discriminated against due to my race or gender”

Listed together these barriers may appear insurmountable but it is important to recognise that not every person will experience all these barriers. In the interest of facilitating active participation from people with a Multicultural background, the potential impact of these barriers should be taken into consideration.


Mutlicultural Toolkit