For inclusion to become part of core business for any club there needs to be a firm commitment and responsibility to member protection and complaints resolution.

This is best done in the form of policy. Effective communication is critical to the success of inclusion. Inclusive communication means you may need to change your habits and adapt your methods on how you speak and listen to existing and new members. Here are some tips to make your club more inclusive-

Level of Awareness

  • Identify community leaders and arrange community information sessions to help promote football.
  • Customise promotional material depending on your target audience – Use pictures where appropriate.


  • Offer discounts memberships to new arrival participants to suit the situation
  • Explore external funding opportunities through government grants


  • Be FLEXIBLE: Use a rotation policy and have larger squads (if possible)
  • Focus on long term engagement rather than a week to week commitment

Low Family engagement

  • Create family- friendly events and promote a Multicultural feel at each event
  • Promote social benefits of being involved in football
  • Create opportunities for the whole family to be involved

Cultural appropriateness

  • Obtain community profiles from local councils or FDM’s.
  • Get you know national, cultural and religious calendars. Keeps in mind key dates when organising trainings.


  • Offer carpooling with responsible adults
  • Communicate how to access your facility via public transport when promoting to Multicultural communities.


  • Promote a safe environment at your club
  • Promote rules that are designed to protect the players


Multicultural Toolkit