Club-appointed umpires are a critical component of our game. While we would love for all Leagues and Umpiring Clubs to supply umpires to all matches, this isn’t always possible, especially if your local area doesn’t have enough umpires.

The Role of the Umpire

The role of the umpire is to apply the Laws of Australian Football to the best of their ability, so everyone enjoys the game, and stays safe.

After the game, the umpire’s role is to complete any required match day paperwork, which may include best and fairest votes and any reports.


Just like players and coaches, umpires need to register to ensure they are covered by the appropraite insurance and standards. 

Registration will also ensure your club appointed umpires are recongnised as ‘official’ umpires and allows us to provide periodical information and education to them so everyone enjoys their experience. 

NSW/ACT Rego Form

NT Rego Form

QLD Rego Form

SA Rego Form

Vic Rego Form

WA Rego Form

Club-appointed Umpire Rentention 

Often club-appointed umpires are volunteers, just like you. So, as you’d know really well, it is important to reduce barriers and share the load for volunteers to keep them involved.

Please don’t rely on the same people all the time. What happens if they need a break, or worse, get injured! That is why we say it is best practice to have two club appointed umpires registered per team your club is required to supply umpires to. For example, if your clubs has 3 grades where umpires are required to be supplied, then we say to have at least 6 club appointed umpires on your books.

This may be something simple, but purchasing a new uniform for your club-appointed umpires (if they are not paid) will make them feel valued. Uniforms can be purchased through Project Clothing's online store


Education is really important. Many Leagues hold education forums at the start of each season. These forums contain important information for the season ahead such as how match day paperwork should be completed and any law and by-law changes.

The AFL have an online Introductory Umpire Certification course. It won’t turn them into an expert umpire, but it covers the basic philosophies of umpiring. It is highly recommended all club-appointed umpires complete this course which takes around 45 minutes to complete.

More Information

If you have any questions or need more information, contact Damian Anderson or your local Umpiring Coordinator.